The National football team called up 10 new people to join the team, the replacement is in progress

2022-05-12 0 By

Chen Yong reports that on February 7th, the Chinese men’s national football team officially announced the recruitment of 10 players, including two young players and eight young players, which means that the national football team has entered a new generation rhythm.On Feb 1, The National football team lost 3-1 to Vietnam in the 8th round of the round of 12.After the war, the national football team is really “listen to scold.”Not only were they poor at the technical and tactical level, but they were even more disappointing at the mental level, with some of the older players in particular playing badly in this game.After the match, China was eliminated from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.The National football team returned to China on February 3rd and began training after three days of rest. According to the epidemic prevention regulations of “14+7”, the national football team will not be released from quarantine until February 24th. Therefore, the National football team will also conduct normal training during quarantine in Suzhou, because the task of the national football Team’s round of 12 tournament is not finished yet.At the end of March, the National team will play the final two rounds of the Round of 12 tournament against Saudi Arabia and Oman on March 24 and 29.Having failed to qualify for the World Cup, China had to play its last two games for glory, and playing with young players was the best choice given the poor performance of some of its older players.In this situation, the National football Team also drafted 10 players, including Liao Lisheng (1993) and Gao Zhuanyi (1995) of the Mesozoic era,And 8 young players Yang Liyu, Tong Lei (1997), Yan Dinghao, Duan Liuyu, Gao Tianyi (1998), Han Jiaqi (1999), Jiang Shenglong (2000) and Wu Shaocong (2001).All of these players had good, if not spectacular, performances in the 2021 season, and six of them were on the previous 52-man roster, with Gao Zhuoyi, Liao Lisheng, Duan Liuyu and Tong Lei not on the 52-man roster. Gao Zhuoyi was not selected due to injury.These 10 players, plus one midfield player can form a complete starting line-up, goalkeeper Han Jiaqi, right back Tong Lei, central defenders Jiang Shenglong and Wu Shaocong, left back Gao Zhuanyi, Gao Tianyi, Yan Dinghao and Liao Lisheng are all midfield players, Yang Liyu is the striker, Duan Liuyu can play forward or forward.For the national soccer team, in the in 10 cases, also it is necessary to give some old players have a holiday, on the one hand, on the other hand, is the need of upgrading some old players over the past year have no rest time, they may be able to solve the physical fatigue but at the psychological level, they reflect the desire is worrying.