Everton’s olive branch!Under lampard, Van der Beek finally had a chance to play

2022-05-13 0 By

Vanderbeek is finally out of the team.Only half a year of borrowing, for the players, may be a temporary relief;It may be an opportunity for both teams to think calmly.Many Manchester United fans are heartbroken by the plight of Donny van de Beek, who has been on the bench for more than a year, unable to regain his central midfield role at Ajax.Van der Beek will join everton on loan for half the season, with no buyout fee, meaning united will take the player in the summer and Everton will cover the entire salary during the loan period.Before Everton, Crystal Palace were keen to sign van der Beek.The driving force was Dutch star Dennis Bergkamp, van der Beek’s future father-in-law, and crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira’s former Arsenal partner.Van der Beek was unable to play for his old father-in-law, but everton offered him the opportunity to leave Manchester United.To play for Everton in the second half of the season is a surprise for the player.Everton and Ancelotti broke up, ushered in a handsome Benitez coach, longitudinal is trying to shape anti – anti style, but kicked out or disorganized, finally took off the end of the black hat.In the first half of the season Everton used the likes of Demare Gray and Alex Iwobi in their 4-2-3-1 ten position to increase the vertical impact of their counter-attack at the expense of playmakers such as Hammes Rodriguez, who left the team for the Middle East.Another midfielder, Gilvi Sigurdsson, was dropped from the team for life after a sexual assault case.It was a godsend opportunity for Van der Beek to spend half the season rediscovering his identity without having to compete for a central midfield role.Everton are in talks with Manchester united for Chelsea star frank lampard to take over as manager.After all, lampard took over in 2019-20 at a time when the Blues were unable to bring in new players in the transfer window, but this allowed a number of young players to come through, including Mason Munter, the central midfielder, who lampard coadied from a Championship start.In a few years progress to the European Champions League, European Cup finals are the main force.Visible in the adjustment of the midfield core this aspect, Lampard is indeed a skill.With Fee in the lineup, Vanderbeek is unlikely to get much playing time for United as the ball handler.Former coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer also failed to test the fitness of pogba, fee and van der Beek, leaving him on the bench at United.Now that lampard is on the move, he needs a new ball handler and Van der Beek needs regular minutes.With Everton rebuilding for the next six months, van der Beek’s short loan will be a bit of a one-way street, and united will be able to see how van der Beek is playing and how he is playing in the Premier League.