Jiao Jiao moved away: accused Zhao Benshan pit husband 40 million, and the 39-year-old actress is not innocent

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Jiao Jiao moved away: once accused Zhao Benshan pit husband 40 million, and 39 years old actress is not innocent!Jiaojiao just die for three days, and released a video said she decided to withdraw, packing to move right now, leave this sad place, the contradiction between both sides finally stopped, the two parties involved in this point, she also be stoned on cotton, no echo is not, is she attracted a lot of heat, recently all kinds of voices, not hurt zhao4 ben3 shan:There was no response, but public opinion was on his side.Jiaojiao thunder but little action, she did not have any substantial evidence, or even to deny her ex-husband, receives the hand now is a wise choice, if involved, estimated only by group of chao, she accused zhao4 ben3 shan to do business with her husband, her husband took out 40 million invested in liu laogen stage, the results and then gone, husband to divorce her room in a fit of pique,Jiao Jiao has been standing in the company’s position, the result of divorce and love her ex-husband, it is said to be about to go bankrupt, she thinks her marriage failed, all by the master.Jiaojiao also respond to the gossip, zhao benshan and 39 GuanTingNa claims that the story is true, according to understand zhao benshan disciple’s disciple, jiaojiao is she from an ordinary clerk, through an acquaintance introduced into a brawl in group, became the disciple’s disciple of zhao benshan, ever also was holding, the image is becoming more and more good, later to marry the rich second generation, peak has seven or eight houses,She drove a Ferrari, gave birth to twin boys, and became close to the Zhao family. Zhao’s wife and daughter were there to celebrate their children’s birthdays, but since her divorce, their relationship has deteriorated.Jiaojiao asked zhao to return her ex-husband, 40 million, former husband still have misunderstanding to her, and cause the result today, is her ex-husband was pit, it’s just that this kind of business investment, profit and loss is possible, legally jiaojiao only from recognize unlucky, and the GuanTingNa 39 years old this year, in the gossip is smaller than zhao4 ben3 shan, 25, she was a makeup artist,She became an actress and starred in the 2004 series Ma Da Shuai and Country Love, where she gained fame as Yang Xiaoyan. Guan, 39, is still single and had an affair with Zhao benshan.Guan Tingna in the studio responded to the rumor, said each other careful thunder, she claimed to be a signed actor, labor relations is not the mountain media, the two sides are just ordinary partnership, and Jiao Jiao do not know, do not know each other why slander her, only when it is for no reason on the road by a wild dog bite.Zhao benshan still did not respond, jiao Jiao dance on the other side’s bottom line, but did not provoke him, the two sides of the rift is growing.Contradiction between the two sides still live with cargo, jiaojiao have been busy doing live over the past two years, zhao ban disciples live, because last year’s operating performance has stopped, only allowed his disciples live to earn living expenses, after work are not allowed to live, but many disciples taste is sweet, say a few words can receive fan brush gift, really is too comfortable,There is a small part of the apprentice in work, private and open live, the results were found by Zhao Benshan, criticized and education, including Liu Neng’s role was even replaced, after the mistake was changed back, and Jiao Jiao indulged in live, is no longer arranged to work, so the two sides make very unhappy.Jiaojiao think they divorce, bankruptcy, but also raising two children, more natural sideline, and the company think jiaojiao do some has nothing to do with acting sideline at ordinary times, companies can no matter, this mountain’s artists have a lot of open a shop, but artists live take goods, with the company’s performance is related, has stated clearly can’t, but turned a deaf ear jiaojiao,So nearly two years has not given her a job opportunity, Jiao Jiao claimed that even a few hundred dollars of job opportunities are not, angry to the company for a fair, the two parties turned against each other.Jiao Jiao moved away: once accused Zhao Benshan pit husband 40 million, and 39 years old actress is not innocent!Zhao benshan apprentice hundreds, disciple’s disciple is not to be able to recognize, it is impossible for him to a change in the rules, as long as not obedient will be severely punished, this is also a brawl in media management mode, compared the traditional mode, and personal investment business is losing money on the principal can’t come back, this is commercial risk, liu laogen stage due to the business for a long time, investors must have been losing money over the past two years,Many netizens think she can fly alone like a small shenyang, recreation media will her from a waiter into three line sketch actor, joy comedy man brought her, really gave her a lot of opportunities, she had a big Bob now rub heat, continued to brush gifts, live to earn rich, if there is evidence, she would have came out, the estimate is don’t want to be a artist,Transformation when the net red.