Shenzhen workers do not want to rent a lifetime, on the 25th back to Ganzhou, may leave Shenzhen in advance

2022-05-13 0 By

Hello, everybody! I’m Wang Zai!A really good ’98 guy!I may have to leave early shenzhen, goodbye I bought 25 working people of the high-speed rail go home at night, two hours to get home, just go off work to go to shenzhen north station on Friday, also can go home to eat a food taken late at night, also pretty convenient home on the weekends, the home is main or interview, because I don’t want to stay in the city of shenzhen nakamura, I don’t want to live the life of the rent.I already have a house at home, and I can find a job at home. Why do I have to come to Shenzhen to experience such a hell mode, working for a landlord and raising a landlord? Now I wonder more and more why so many people come to first-tier cities but can’t save money all the year round.I will give you a little salary every month, so that you will not starve to death and have no time to think about yourself. Until your youth is exhausted, you will realize that you have always been a tool of the capitalists.And the age is big to face dismissal even, should be such, I dare not think of his later work life, work is really no independent choice, can only be slaughtered, wake up as soon as possible, and do the tool of the boss, it is better to do their own love while young.All right, I’m Wangy!Please click like attention!See you next time!