The appearance design of the New Tiger 7 Super Power edition goes beyond appearance level

2022-05-13 0 By

Ruihu 7 Super Power edition is specially designed for the post-90s young audience, who are the elite main force in all walks of life. They have the ability to pursue beautiful things and dreams, and can also be the “super guardian” of career and family.Ruihu 7 super version will bring users three high-quality car experience of “super power, super safety, super comfort” with the sincere sincerity of “entry is high, start is upgraded”.The listing also announced the IP image of “Power Guardian 126”, which embodies the young audience’s pursuit of a better life.Ruihu 7 super version of the new car appearance design more than appearance level, temperament is also very in place.Super energy geometric matrix diamond front grille + highlight black guardian air inlet frame, make the front face more profound, give people a powerful three-dimensional charm.On the side of the car, the shuttle’s shiny black mirrors are sporty, and the luggage rack has the same style, creating the illusion of a floating roof.At the same time, Ruihu 7 super power version increased the speed of flash anti-friction strip, matching hot Wheels red calipers so ruihu 7 super power version dynamic in one step.These changes match the rigid and soft lines of the body, giving people a feeling of “comprehensive bright eyes, full of details”.The Tiger 7 Super Edition is equipped with chery ACTECO engine series “China Heart” top ten engine 1.6TGDI, and is matched with a 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission.1.6TGDI+7DCT powertrain is the most widely used and mass-produced model among Kunpeng Power, the full-range power architecture of Chery 4.0 era. Power output, reliability and fuel economy are guaranteed.The power system of The Tiger 7 super power edition supports three switching modes: economy, sport and standard. The maximum power is 145kW, the peak torque is 290N·m, and the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is only 6.6L, which ensures the pleasure of driving while also giving perfect consideration to the economic performance.Not only that, The 0-60km/h starting power of Ruihu 7 Super Power edition is improved again, which can break 100 in 8.28 seconds, realizing the fastest and strongest in the same class.In addition, The Tiger 7 super version of the engine also has a lifetime warranty, further strengthen the quality assurance.Activity vehicles are limited, first come, first served, registration or telephone consultation can obtain the event price, interested friends can make an appointment in advance: 0514-89886121, the Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City chengbei International Motor City Heye East Road no. 160-2 (opposite buick shop) Chery Lujietong 4S Shop, welcome to buy.The event will run from February 8, 2022 to February 8, 2022