AIYA, a digital employee of Baixin Bank, made the list

2022-05-14 0 By

On March 30, 2021 AI Era& Meta-universe Innovation Awards were released at the first “Meta-universe, New Human” forum held by New Intelligence Yuan: AI Innovation Enterprise Award TOP30, Meta-universe Pioneer Award TOP30, meta-universe New Human TOP10.AIYA, AI virtual brand officer of baixin bank, is the only financial institution listed in the “TOP10 new humans of the metasomes” with outstanding performance in IP autonomy and IP innovation.It is reported that the 2021 AI Era& Meta-universe Innovation Award is based on the “New Intelligence Era AI Era influence assessment model” comprehensive analysis and selection, the core indicators include user size/market share, valuation or market value, core product competitiveness, research team/laboratory size, etc..Also on the list are young people’s favorite virtual idols, Such as Na Cheon-yi, Yoo Yeon-hee, ASOUL and Teresa Teng.As native digital pratt &whitney, baixin Banks take advantage of financial technology, December 30, 2021 officially launched the first virtual digital employees AIYA moxa jas, as a virtual “AI officers” brand, and compared with the CCTV network digital anchor small C a special “super dimensional” dialog, complete “C debut”, begin to enter the public field of vision,By the majority of young users like.On 27 January this year, media integration and transmission of the communication university of China issued by the state key laboratory of first domestic “virtual digital influence index, AIYA moxa jas with AI virtual officer and future banking explorer of brand positioning, in the spread of influence, IP innovation, new service concept and social value to win high weight influence,Top of the virtual employee race.In the context of digital economy, the business model and service form of future banks have been quietly changing. Baixin Bank is very concerned about the changing needs of young users and takes the initiative to respond to them.AIYA is active in the field of new media, playing roles such as virtual live broadcast and virtual host. Recently, AIYA has also become an announcer of financial report, which can carry out more warm and immersive communication and interaction with young users.In the future, AIYA will continue to learn and evolve, improve AI computing power and financial intelligence, and provide users with more friendly and inclusive digital financial services.In the wave of digital transformation, with the continuous iteration and update of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, computer vision and other new technologies, more and more enterprises are actively promoting digital transformation. One of the important work is to introduce digital employees, which has become a popular trend at present.At the same time, virtual digital people, as the core interaction carrier of the meta-universe, is one of the most accessible industries in the meta-universe driven by industry and capital, and has become an important form for many well-known brands to conduct brand mental dialogue with young users and create immersive service experience.