Mother took two children to go shopping, the older one lost the younger one

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Yangzi Evening News network on March 14 (reporter Ren Guo-yong correspondent six gong-xuan1) recently, a mother who lives in Nanjing Liuhe District took two children to go shopping when she was free, and as a result, she lost her little daughter while trying on clothes. Fortunately, she met warm-hearted people to help the police.Eventually, the mother claimed the baby at the police station.That afternoon, xiongzhou police station received a report that a 5-year-old girl was lost on Changjiang Road.The police quickly rushed to the scene, the little girl did not cry do not make very clever, the police came forward to ask her what name?”My name is Tong Tong,” the little girl answered, then asked other questions, she did not say a word.The police can only bring her back to the police station, when the police tried to find the little girl’s family, the police station received a little girl’s mother’s alarm phone, the police told the child is now in the police station, let her come as soon as possible.Five minutes later, the girl’s mother took another child into the police station. As she entered the door, the mother looked at the boy and asked, “Where have you been?I’ve been looking for you.”The boy looked at his mother and did not speak.Originally this mother is taking two children to go shopping that day, when trying clothes, the mother found the eldest daughter disappeared, then tell the little daughter Tong Tong not to run around, oneself go looking for elder sister, the result elder sister found, turn head to discover tong Tong disappeared again however.She called the police after searching the area but could not find him, only to find him already at the police station.Police remind Tongtong mother next time go out must take care of the child, do not let the child out of their line of sight, in case of such a thing happens again, also should let the child remember the parents’ name and mobile phone number, so that they can contact in time.Tong tong’s mother said she understood and left with her two children after thanking the police.Proofreading Xu Hang