Russian students and Qingdao left “blood” feelings!

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A Russian girl from thousands of miles away, because love learning and sports, after a long time to successfully come to China to study in Qingdao.She loves marathons and works as an ambassador.But nearsightedness always bothered her.Recently, she walked into the north branch of Qingdao Eye Hospital to have laser surgery to remove her glasses for years.Such a tall, blonde Russian student, but has “blood ties” with China, let’s take a look at the talented little sister to pick up the mirror trip.Katja is a 17th degree doctor of Marxism sinicization.Full scholarship of Chinese government, “West Coast Friendship envoy” medal, etc.She has been living in China for 16 years. In 2007, she went to Harbin Institute of Technology as a Russian-Chinese exchange student to study linguistics. Later, she married and gave birth to a daughter in China. Six years ago, Katja came to Qingdao to study for a doctor’s degree in School of Marxism, China University of Petroleum (East China).The 36-year-old started learning Chinese at the age of 10 and has a deep affection for China since childhood.During our conversation, we learned that Katja’s blood type is Rh-negative O, commonly known as “panda blood”. During her stay in China, she has been donating blood every year, and her total blood donation has exceeded 2500 ml.”I’m glad that my blood is useful and that it helps people in need.”Because of my passion for sports, I participated in 5 marathons and became the Publicity ambassador of Harbin International Marathon in 2016.Kaka jia at ordinary times also often can go to fitness, swimming, these sports for her myopia, it is a big problem that bothers her for a long time.Previously, she had also considered myopia surgery in Russia, but for various reasons, has not been able to do so.Recently, she was accompanied by her husband, came to the north of Qingdao Eye Hospital hospital, hung up the corneal refractive director Longkli expert number, determined to say goodbye to glasses in this winter vacation, is also a New Year’s gift to their own.After a series of inspections, katja eye condition is very good, two eyes are almost 300 degrees of myopia, astigmatism is very light, corneal thickness is also very good, the indicators are very accord with standard of surgery, katja is pleasantly surprised, originally also worried that they wear contact for a long time, will not be appropriate for surgery, did not think of today’s inspection would be so smooth.Considering that Katja likes to exercise, Ronkley ordered a smart all-laser surgery with higher safety, and Katja made an appointment for the surgery immediately.”The operation process was faster than EXPECTED, about five or six minutes, although I was a little nervous before the operation, but after the operation began, Director Long has been patiently telling me what to do, and gradually I became less nervous.”Katja recalls her operation with relief.”Ten days after the operation, Kajia came back for a review, and her vision had reached 1.0. Director Long told Kajia that the recovery of smart laser itself would be slower, and your recovery was relatively fast. You should pay more attention to the use of your eyes in the later period, and your vision would be better than now.The operation worked exactly as she had hoped.”Chose eye hospital in Qingdao to do surgery, this is thanks to my husband, my husband very familiar with Qingdao, also know that Qingdao eye hospital is a public 3 armour hospital of ophthalmology, eye surgery is very professional, operation experience is also very rich, I also went ahead chose here to do surgery, the surgery as a successful magic!”Katja said excitedly.Expert introduction, the femtosecond procedure generally said to be a accurate laser knife, according to the patients with myopic degree, set for cutting the corneal thickness, and then with a laser through the surface of the cornea, inner cut out the shape of a convex lens, and then is at the top of the cornea to open a small incision under 2 mm, through the cut, remove laser carved corneal lens,To achieve the purpose of correcting myopia.Generally speaking, can correct myopia and astigmatism within 600 degrees, corneal thickness is enough, it is to suit to do full femtosecond myopia operation.