The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games has aroused warm response among the cadres and the masses in our province

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The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games aroused warm response among the cadres and the masses in our province. Gansu Daily reporter February 4, it was the beginning of spring.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games have opened in earnest, turning a new page in the Olympic movement as the “ice and snow date” attracted worldwide attention.Focus, simple and wonderful Beijing Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony in our province cadres and the masses caused a strong response.Everyone said that the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games demonstrated China’s pursuit and yearning for world peace, displayed the Olympic motto of “Swifter, Higher, Stronger — More United” and displayed the vision of “Together for the future” of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.With the opportunity of ice and snow Winter Olympics, we will try our best to promote the high-quality development of ice and snow sports and ice and snow industry in our province, greatly enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the people in our province in winter, and write a new chapter of economic and social development in our province.With the chorus of “Together to the future”, the Curtain of the Winter Olympics has begun.Under the banner of Wuhuan, athletes from all over the world gather in the same arena to pursue their dreams and ignite their dreams.Fully displaying the beauty of nature, culture and sport, the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games illustrated China’s understanding, expectation and vision of a community with a shared future for mankind in the new era in the language of the world, and envisioned a bright future from the perspective of the whole world.At the same time, Chinese elements, Oriental wisdom and Chinese charm will be integrated to build a bridge for exchanges and mutual learning among different civilizations.”The beginning of spring, Beijing amazed the world again!”Qin Chuan, a famous documentary director in Our province, said that after 14 years, as the only city in the world to host two Olympic Games, the Five-ring flag of the “Bird’s Nest” rises again tonight. “The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games has once again attracted the attention of the world with its unexpected conception and gorgeous and spectacular scene.”This time, Chief director Zhang Yimou used high-tech lighting techniques to magically fill the entire space of the “Bird’s Nest” from the ground to the roof, creating a grand and joyous Atmosphere with only a small number of people, Qin said.”Also, the biggest surprise was the countdown to the 24 solar terms at the start.From the very first second, the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games was successfully integrated with distinctive Chinese cultural characteristics and Chinese aesthetic implications, reflecting the cultural confidence of the Oriental country!”New media center staff Liu Zhaoyi group provincial party committee, said the long-awaited, finally ushered in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, the opening ceremony of the many traditional Chinese elements such as twenty-four solar terms, Chinese knot, stunning appearance in new express way, the entire opening ceremony not only showed the Olympic spirit, more show the self-confidence of Chinese culture,”The theme of the Winter Olympics, ‘Together for the Future’, is the voice of The Times that China has sent to the world to build a future together, and it is a vivid interpretation of the concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind in the Field of the Olympic Movement.”The concept of “green, inclusive, open and clean” ran through the whole process of preparations for the Winter Olympics, and the venue construction highlighted the features of “technology, wisdom, green and frugality”.The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics featured technological innovation, low-carbon environmental protection and sports health.Applying scientific and technological achievements such as artificial intelligence, machine vision and 5G to large-scale cultural performances;Although the small fire is small and endless, the lighting ceremony, the last torch is the main torch, refreshing, reflects the concept of “low carbon environmental protection”.At 8 PM on February 4, Lanzhou resident Zhang Jia waited in front of the TV, waiting to watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.Zhang Jia said excitedly: “tonight’s opening ceremony, let us see the rapid development of the motherland, not only economic progress, more scientific and technological progress.”The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics used a wealth of scientific and technological means, and the whole process was full, ethereal and romantic. It told China’s story in a new way, showed the posture of a major country, cultural confidence and the improvement of China’s overall strength.””As an important part of China’s scientific and technological innovation, modern meteorological observation and forecast technology has played an important role in ensuring the Olympic Games.”Center of lanzhou observatory senior engineer liu wei, Lin heaven, earth, air fusion of high resolution precision meteorological observation technology, accurate to level meters modern numerical weather prediction technology, with venues as the theme of detailed service technology, and a series of core technology, modern meteorological forecast will effectively guarantee the winter Olympics opening ceremony was successfully held and all competitions, “as a meteorologist,In the following work, I will continue to improve the level of precision monitoring, accurate forecasting and fine services for life safety, production development, prosperity and good ecology, build the first line of defense for meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, and provide higher quality meteorological support services for the high-quality development of various undertakings in Gansu.”Its jiuquan power supply company dedicated to jing rong said by the ministry of construction, this annual event “green content” high, everywhere practice concept of green low carbon, let the world once again marvel at China’s “double carbon”, “over the past 2021 years, its power in gansu ‘double carbon goals to guide, ready to meet cold snap, tower, wind and snow, silver wire,Jiuhu dc supporting 5 million kw wind power transmission project and a series of major projects were completed and put into operation, gansu “green” electricity sent to the whole country through the UHV grid.Taking advantage of the green Olympics, we will continue to make good use of our energy advantages, serve the development of new energy, and make unremitting efforts to accelerate the construction of a new type of power system with new energy as the main body.”In July 2015, Beijing and Zhangjiakou won the bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics together.Looking back on the leapfrog development of China’s ice and snow sports in the past seven years, “300 million people participate in ice and snow sports” has gradually advanced, changing the pattern of the world’s ice and snow sports.Zhou Jinping, director of the Winter Sports Management Center of Gansu Province, felt inspired after watching the opening ceremony.He said:”Ice and snow sports in gansu province although the late start, weak foundation, a meager, but fully, has huge potential and broad prospects for development condition, we will with the construction of the western sports strong province with the regional characteristic as the goal, the full implementation of the national fitness national strategy, speed up the development of sports industry, make ice and snow sports’ flying off the shelves, narrow the gap with the ice and snow sports strong province,We will strive to realize our dream of becoming a sports powerhouse.””The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics is full of emotion and tears.A strong, open and inclusive China has been presented to the world in three dimensions!”Province (theatre director Wang Cun said excitedly, since text brigade fusion, our province rising industry leading force, ice and snow in winter, ice and snow sports tourism, ice and snow culture got great development and improvement, such as snow and ice project level geometric growth, “for example, province wen brigade hall held fire all over the province’s” the games are over, annual spring, green yumenguan “one hundred – day thousands of games are cultural activities,On the winter Olympic cultural concept and mass spiritual and cultural needs of the depth of integration, greatly enriched the winter of our province’s people’s spiritual and cultural life.I believe the Beijing Winter Olympics will bring great opportunities for the development of ice and snow sports in China. Gansu should also seize the opportunity to vigorously develop ice and snow sports, mass ice and snow sports and related industries, and strive to build a cultural and performing arts industry that integrates culture and tourism and is inseparable from ice and snow.””The grand opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics is a concrete demonstration of China’s thriving sports industry.Since Beijing won the bid for the Winter Olympic Games, we have actively participated in ice and snow sports. Competitive ice and snow sports, mass ice and snow sports, youth ice and snow sports have developed rapidly. Every year, about 2 million people in the province participate in ice and snow sports, laying a solid foundation for the development of ice and snow sports in our province.”Yin Jinfu, director of mass ice and snow Department of Gansu Winter Sports Management Center, said that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be taken as an opportunity to do mass ice and snow sports, build brand events and activities, and strive to achieve more than 3 million people to participate in ice and snow sports during the “14th Five-year Plan” period, and make greater contributions to the cause of ice and snow sports in our province.(Reporter Su Jiaying, Shi Xiuping, Wang Ruijun, Cui Yaming, Wen Jie, Gu Lijuan, Wang Zhandong, CAI Wenzheng, Zhang Yanru, Shi Dandan, Wang Yuyu, Li Yongping)