Ukrainian beauty asks for shelter?Through mercenary selection?The police angrily criticized: war is cruel, this kind of absurd rumors must be resisted!

2022-05-14 0 By

Recently, the escalating tension between Russia and Ukraine has become a topic of concern in the international community.In China, the relevant content also aroused people, but the yangzi evening news/purple cattle journalists noticed that in recent days, some lack of many social networking platforms according to the information and sources, such as using a foreign woman picture caption said “received” Ukraine beauty, or someone received a text message shows “has passed the mercenaries selection,Please go to XX to get your weapons and report to Ukraine.”On February 26, the official microblog of @China Police issued a statement in response to the false news that appeared on the Internet in recent days.The tweet said that at present, the security situation in Ukraine is still changing rapidly, and security risks are rising in all aspects.Related events online heat is extremely high, much attention.However, some people took the opportunity to spread some low-level rumors, such as fabricating information such as “joining mercenaries to fight in the war”.Regarding the spread of rumors, @China Police online said that such rumors have a bad influence and are outrageous.War is always serious and cruel, and at this very moment many of our fellow citizens are still at war.Rumour-mongering must be resolutely criticized and resisted.Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reminds readers that rumors are usually characterized by lack of strict logic, unofficial release and transfer of flowers. As ordinary people, they should not believe rumors and do not spread rumors, get real information from formal channels and officials, and discuss rationally.(Photo source: Internet) Yangzi Evening News/Purple Cow news trainee reporter Chen Ran proofread Sheng Yuanyuan