A glance of important announcements by listed companies on the evening of February 11

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1. Mokihara Stock Equity incentive Plan: the growth rate of live pig sales in 2022 shall not be less than 25%. Mokihara Stock (002714) discloses the equity incentive plan, which intends to grant 81,080,700 restricted shares, accounting for 1.54% of the total share capital of the company.The grant price is RMB 30.52 per share.Annual performance appraisal target: based on the sales volume of pigs in 2021, the growth rate of sales volume of pigs in 2022 should not be less than 25%;Based on the sales of pigs in 2021, the sales growth rate of pigs in 2023 should not be less than 40%.Century Huatong (002602) announced that the total amount of planned repurchase funds is not less than 500 million yuan, not more than 1 billion yuan, the repurchase price is not more than 10 yuan/share.3, Longmagnetic technology: by 2024 permanent magnet ferrite tile capacity plan to reach 60,000 tons longmagnetic Technology (300835) disclosure of investor relations activity record form announcement, the company’s current permanent magnet ferrite capacity of 33,000 tons, the end of this year will reach 40,000 tons.By 2024, the company’s permanent magnet ferrite tile production capacity is planned to reach 60,000 tons.At the same time, the technology is also close to or reach the level of TDK.Metal magnetic powder core has formed 3,000 tons/year capacity;Soft ferrite design capacity of 6000 tons/year, currently under construction, is expected to put into production in the third quarter of this year;Vehicle-mounted and photovoltaic inductor projects have entered the stage of small batch production in the first phase, and the planning and design of the second phase has been completed.Patch inductors have also been produced in small quantities, with an annual production capacity of about 2 billion units planned for 2023.Shanghai Electric (601727) announced that the company’s holding subsidiary Tianwo Technology intends to issue shares to the company to purchase the 100% equity of Shanghai Boiler Factory held by the company, and raise supporting funds from Shanghai Lixin, a subsidiary of the company’s controlling shareholder Electric.The total amount of supporting funds raised shall not exceed RMB 960 million, and the total amount of supporting funds raised shall not exceed 100% of the transaction price of assets purchased by Tianwo Technology through issuing shares.5. Huashengchang: Novel Coronavirus rapid antigen detection kit products have obtained CE certification of eu. Huashengchang (002980) announcement, the company’s Novel Coronavirus rapid antigen detection kit products have obtained CE certification of EU.Ja Technology (002459) announced that it intends to expand the integrated capacity of the company, including silicon wafer, battery, auxiliary material capacity and photovoltaic power station. The estimated total investment is RMB 3.455 billion, accounting for 23.58% of the latest audited net assets.Shenghe Resources (600392) announced that holding company Shenghe Singapore intends to acquire Appian Company’s 19.9% equity interest in Peak Company, a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, for a total amount of about $179 million.Peak is an Australian-listed company operating the Ngualla rare earth mine in Tanzania and the Teesside refinery in the UK.Western Gold (601069) announced that the company plans to purchase 100% equity of Baiyuanfeng, Kebang Manganese industry and Mengxin Tianba by issuing shares.The three companies’ transaction consideration totaled 2.614 billion yuan.Upon completion of the transaction, Baiyuanfeng, Kebang Manganese and Mengxin Tianba will become wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Company.The company will realize “gold + manganese ore” mining and smelting double business operation, reduce the business and product single risk.Kellein (002821) announced that the company intends to acquire the equity held by 49 other shareholders of Snapdragon in addition to the equity already held by Kellein by means of merger with its own capital of about $57.94 million.After the acquisition, Kellein will own 100 percent of Snapdragon.With the completion of the acquisition, Snapdragon will become the overseas R&D platform of the Company, further strengthening the company’s R&D strength in the field of small molecule CDMO.10, Zhengbang Technology: January sales of pigs 958,700 head up 19.07% from the previous month zhengbang Technology (002157) announcement, January sales of pigs 958,700 head, up 19.07% from the previous month, a year-on-year growth of 21.86%;The sales revenue was 1.219 billion yuan, down 5.57% quarter-on-quarter and 60.92% year-on-year;The average selling price of commercial pigs (after deducting piglets) was 12.92 yuan/kg, 14.89% lower than last month.Disclaimer: All contents and opinions produced by Shaanxi Jufeng Investment Information Co., LTD. 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