Baise: Xu so-and-so from Shenzhen back to Debao adultery triggered an epidemic pure rumor!

2022-05-15 0 By

On February 6, in Debao County, Baise City, many wechat chat screenshots of “Xu Xx, guangxi Baise Debao drug king, returned to Debao from Shenzhen to have an affair and triggered the COVID-19 outbreak” were circulated in many wechat groups.On the morning of February 7, the staff of the Health commission of Baise city in Guangxi said that the Internet rumor of a “drug king” in Debao, Guangxi, and his lover’s room was not true. After investigation, xu caused some infections when she went back to the village for dinner.In chat logs circulating online, a boss surnamed Xu confessed to meeting his mistress and checking into a room in debao county, only to tell her when the affair became too big to hide.Some netizens directly attacked Xu, calling him “Debao Drug King”.Baise health commission staff, firmly opposed to the drug king, the nickname is an insult to people.At present, the focus of the white health committee is to investigate and close contact with Xu.As of Monday, 37 new cases have been reported in Guangxi, all of them in Baise.On the afternoon of February 4, Debao County found one COVID-19 positive case in nucleic acid tests conducted on returnees.On Sunday, the office of the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters released the movements of the case, Xu, since January 21.From the early morning of February 7, white is the whole area control, take the principle of no in, no out!Unsealing time will be further notice.In any case, Xu is not malicious. We cannot blame the first diagnosed patient because of temporary closure. After all, he is also a victim.