Calligraphy as beautiful as a fairy, white banana

2022-05-15 0 By

White banana calligraphy, two Kings, great talent, can seal cutting, fine calligraphy, also good at painting orchid, can poetry.Mr. Samenghai praised it as: “In the past 300 years, only a few people can do this.”Today I would like to show you Mr. Bai Jiao’s work “Orchid Miscellaneous Deposit”.Let’s take a look at his “natural beauty.”In this impetuous world, many good things are deteriorating.When the plastic surgery “beauty” more and more, we began to like makeup, the original beauty, when the city garden flowers, we began to be infatuated with the natural scenery in nature.Is the so-called “water lotus, natural to carve”.In fact, the same is true of calligraphy.White banana in the “Orchid miscellaneous Deposit” in the writing, or line take kai meaning, behavior cast foot to look forward to have sent;Or line of melting grass law, although in a hurry and do not break the law, in this visible, white banana is really worthy of a generation you master.In the face of all kinds of “routine” calligraphy in the exhibition hall, such words are simply “environmental protection, pollution-free pure natural green vegetables”.