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Recently, zibo City education bureau official website released zibo City education bureau on the formation of basic education city part-time teaching and research member team notice, for the whole city to hire basic education city part-time teaching and research member 106 people!Left left left delta website screenshots down according to the basic education reform and development needs, to build a noble ethics, business skilled, reasonable structure, can undertake teaching and research mission of high quality research team, to improve the teaching quality to provide talent base, through research, decided to form a basic education municipal part-time research staff team, now the related matters notice is as follows:Subject, preschool education, and Special Education of ordinary primary and secondary schools determined by the National curriculum plan. Scope of Staff Teachers in regular primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, and special education schools of the whole city (including teaching and research staff of districts and counties).To hold the nationality of the People’s Republic of China and abide by the Constitution and laws.Firmly establish the “four consciousness”, firm “four confidence”, resolutely achieve “two safeguard”, earnestly implement the Party’s education policy.2. Have educational ideals and feelings, love teaching and research work, and take the initiative to contribute wisdom to improve the quality of basic education.3. Follow the law of education and the law of students’ physical and mental development, focus on the comprehensive cultivation of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor, and actively practice quality education.4. Abide by academic ethics of teaching and research work, work in a democratic style, have strong service spirit, be good at listening to and summarizing grass-roots experience, and have the courage to explore education and teaching reform and innovation.5. With a solid education theory foundation of basic skills, rich experience in teaching, in principle, should be 6 years (2016 years ago to participate in the work) in this period or in school period of teaching experience, and is engaged in the teaching of the subject graduation grade 2 years work, particularly outstanding person (at the provincial level and above the class teaching, scientific research recognition or honor) is not restricted by working years.Those who hold intermediate or above professional technical positions, have excellent educational and teaching achievements, play a leading role in demonstration, and have lectured demonstration classes, public classes and observation classes at or above the municipal level, and have one of the following qualifications:The discipline at the municipal level and above (sound body beauty disciplines at the county level and above) as the first prize, backbone teachers, teaching quality expert, subject leaders and excellent teachers, special-class teacher, zibo masters candidates (including construction project), municipal teaching achievements (scientific research achievements) awarded the first prize in the above, as the host city and above education planning subject.Under the same conditions, leaders of teaching organization and management (group leaders of lesson preparation), class teachers, teaching management cadres, full-time teaching and research staff of districts and counties (more than one year’s working experience) with teaching organization and management ability are preferred.The application requirements for minor foreign languages in foreign language disciplines may be relaxed.6. Persons under the age of 45 (born after January 1, 1976), who have a senior professional title or the title of provincial special grade teacher or Qilu Famous Teacher (including construction project candidate), may be under the age of 50 (born after January 1, 1971).7. It shall not be declared under any of the following circumstances :(1) it does not meet the requirements of personnel;(2) those who have violated laws, disciplines and regulations and have been investigated and punished;(3) punishment for violation of teachers’ ethics;(4) Those who make serious mistakes in the course of education and teaching, causing adverse effects;(5) Illegally engaged in paid tutoring, selling books and materials to students, and accepting property from parents, which has been verified.Iv. Selection Procedure 1. Independent declaration.Individuals who meet the application conditions should apply for registration by self-recommendation and fill in “Application Form of Zibo Part-time Teaching and Research Staff of Basic Education” and “Summary Form of Application of Part-time Teaching and Research Staff of Basic Education of Zibo”. The registration will start from the date of issuance of the notice, and the registration will end at 5 PM on February 10, 2022:00, please send the electronic and PDF version of the application form and summary form together with the PDF version of supporting documents to before the deadline for registration.If the ratio of the post plan to the number of applicants is less than 1:3, the post plan shall be reduced or cancelled accordingly.2. Qualification review.The Municipal Bureau of Education organizes the qualification examination of the applicants, and the qualification examination runs through the whole process of the work. In the follow-up work, if the applicants who pass the examination are found to be unqualified for the applicants or engage in fraud, they shall be immediately disqualified and dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions.3. The selection.Adopt “written test + interview + inspection” way, written test, interview and inspection adopt hundred-mark system.The total score is calculated as a percentage: Total score = written test score *40%+ interview score *40%+ test score *20%.(1) Written test.The focus of the examination is on the ability of curriculum standard interpretation, teaching research and guidance, teaching design and evaluation, test research and ordering.Each position will be interviewed in a ratio of 1:3.The time and place of the written test will be notified later.(2) Interview.Focus on the teaching and research quality and teaching and research ability, take the way of on-site defense, defense time is not more than 15 minutes.Time and place of defense will be notified later.(3) Investigation.Fully understand the ideological and political performance, ethics, professional ability, work achievements and other aspects of the subject.4. Confirm the candidate.The municipal Bureau of Education shall determine the candidates according to their total scores.5. Public announcement.The confirmed part-time teaching and research staff candidates will be publicized, and if there are vacancies due to various circumstances, they will be filled in turn according to the total results of the applicants of this discipline.After the publicity no objection issued.6. Employment.Part-time teaching and research staff to implement the employment system, by the municipal institute of education and research issued a unified letter of appointment, employment period of 3 years.Source: Zhangzhong Zibo