In 1949, minhang here had a grand celebration of the founding of the People’s Republic of China conference | building can be read

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The former site of the Shanghai county government of the Republic of China is located in Zhuanqiao Town (No. 2550 Humin Road), with a construction area of about 1667 square meters.The site is the only intact preserved old government building in Minhang District, but also the seat of the first Shanghai County people’s government after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.September 30, 2000, was announced as minhang District cultural relics protection units.On April 4, 2014, it was announced as a Cultural relic protection unit of Shanghai.In July 1928, Shanghai special city was established, implementing the separation of county and city. The site of The Shanghai County government was located in Beiqiao Town. The foundation stone of the County government building was laid in 1931, completed in December 1932, and settled in January 1933.During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the building of Shanghai county government was seriously damaged and needed to be repaired, so the Shanghai county government decided to temporarily stay in Minhang Town.In the summer of 1947, preparations were made to repair the Shanghai County government building, and construction began in January 1948.On June 14, the restoration of the Shanghai County government building in Beiqiao town was completed.On July 26, members of the Shanghai county government moved back to beiqiao from Minhang Town.On May 15, 1949, the 178th regiment of the 60th Division of the 20th Army of the People’s Liberation Army arrived at Beiqiao Town of Shanghai County, and Shanghai County was liberated.On May 19, the Communist Party of China Shanghai County Committee entered Beiqiao Town, under the leadership of the county Committee, the establishment of the people’s political power, the establishment of the Shanghai County people’s Government, the establishment of the secretariat, civil administration, financial review, public security, justice, education, tax bureau, grain bureau and other functional departments.On the afternoon of October 1, 1949, more than 5,000 people from all walks of life in Shanghai county held a grand celebration of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on the big playground east of the Shanghai County People’s Government building.Because minhang town is the economic and cultural center of Shanghai County, the People’s government of Shanghai County moved from Beiqiao Town to Minhang Town Jianshe Road no. 1 in 1954.Design: Liang Xing text: “The Story of Spring Shen — Shanghai Minhang Cultural Relics Collection” “He Ming Zhuanxi” “Shanghai County Annals” “Beiqiao Cultural Annals” “Keep nostalgia — Zhuanqiao chapter” (author: Zheng Yiwen) Picture: District Culture and Tourism Bureau editor: Yao Yiying reprint please indicate from today minhang official wechat