When work resumes, how should we adjust our mentality?

2022-05-15 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, when we do not want to go to work mentality, how to adjust?1. Make psychological preparations from regular work and rest. At least three days before we return to work, we can reasonably arrange our daily life and basically keep the same work and rest time with the original working hours.2, life should be regular regular diet eat more fruit, eat more fresh vegetables, try to eat light, and keep enough sleep and appropriate exercise.Accepting work/study requires “accepting the reality” first. Returning to work and classes is inevitable, whether for social development or personal life.So accept them instead of fighting them.4, about children in this environment, children’s psychology is more susceptible to influence than adults.To protect the psychological health of children, so that they can enter this year’s study with a normal state of mind, parents also need to pay more attention to some of the children, parents need to manage their own emotions, do not convey too much negative emotions and information to children.Children’s emotions are easily affected by adults, and they speak more positive content, but also conducive to children to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.Help your child make a plan for the new semester.Although the new term is different from the previous one, having a good plan can also help children study more effectively.You can let your children make their own plans and achieve their own goals.In addition, many employees are worried about being infected by the epidemic after work. Here are some suggestions :1. Enhance the sense of security in our hearts.As long as we strictly abide by these regulations, there is no need for excessive panic and anxiety.Raise your mood Raise your positive emotions and thoughts by actively focusing on the good and taking part in actions that spread positive energy.