Why DO I favor the niche sniper over the mass Chosin Lake?

2022-05-15 0 By

The box office battle continues.Nine days after its release, Watergate Bridge has raked in more than 2.9 billion yuan, firmly topping the box office of the Spring Festival, leaving several other films far behind.While everyone is paying attention to Watergate Bridge, should we also pay attention to Sniper, which only earned 300 million yuan at the box office?Zhang Yimou, the director of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, has made a lot of money. Cinemas have increased screening of the film, otherwise the film would not have made 300 million yuan at the box office.But even now it has got 300 million yuan in box office, compared with watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake approaching 3 billion yuan in box office, that is ten times less.This has to make people question, the same subject matter, the same war background, also from the famous director, why “Sniper” box office is so much less?If you had to name a reason, it’s the cast.Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake is enough for wu Jing and Yi Yangqianxi alone, not to mention duan Yihong, Zhang Hanyu, Hu Jun and other big names.In Sniper, the only well-known actor, Zhang Yi, was only a guest star for a few minutes, and the rest of the cast couldn’t be named.Most of the time, we have to admit that the movie box office, in fact, is the actor’s position.With a good cast, a bad movie doesn’t get much worse.And when the cast fails, no one will want to make a good film, as in sniper.The reason I prefer the niche sniper is because Zhang yimou has no intention of making money from it.If Zhang Yimou wanted to make money, he could have cast a whole bunch of big names and put a lot of publicity on it. How much worse could it be than Changjin Lake?But why did Zhang yimou cast a bunch of little-known actors for the film?Because he wants the audience to remember the revolutionary martyrs who died for peace, not the actors who played revolutionary martyrs.After watching Jangjin Lake, many viewers remembered how well Wu Jing and Yi Yangqianxi acted, but ignored the characters they played.As a war story, “Chosin Lake” is clearly about making money.”Sniper,” at least, I don’t see a movie that makes money.Probably everything is doomed, the Winter Olympics brought fire to Zhang Yimou, and let Zhang Yimou directed the sniper was sent to the hot search, so the box office of the film is now gradually rising, although the box office can not win “Changjin Lake Water Gate Bridge”, at least in the word of mouth won.Anyway, I sincerely recommend you to watch this “Sniper”, a rare conscience film, the story is also very wonderful, I believe you will not be disappointed.