Biyang, Henan: Beautiful butterfly changes in a small village

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Image network news (Daxiang news reporter, Huang Xiangyang, Trainee, Xia Jun, Correspondent, Chen Yuanzhi, Gao Shuncheng, Lu Qiongya) Newly painted farm houses and cottages, clean and tidy cement roads, wide and clean cultural square, everywhere can be seen the slogan of rural revitalization painting, continuous construction of thousands of acres of fertile farmland, the appearance of the village with different scenery……Recently, in Kangzhuang Village, Shewan Town, Biyang County, I saw a big change in the former chaotic and underdeveloped village. With the continuous improvement of industrial development, the villagers’ life is getting better and better, and the civilized local customs are gradually cultivated. A small dilapidated village has become a beautiful village.Scientific planning makes the village more beautiful Kangzhuang village has 849 villagers, a total of 3724 people, the village covers an area of 390 mu, farmland 5440 mu.”It used to be a big pit that had been in disrepair for many years. There were piles of rubbish and sewage in it.Last year, after renovations, we built the kangzhuang Village Cultural Square, where villagers come to exercise in the evening.”Speaking at kangzhuang’s new cultural square, huang Xiaofeng, the village’s party secretary, said the village had changed dramatically over the past year.Since beautiful rural construction to carry out the way the administrative villages, actively carry out residential environment regulation to unified planning of village, village domain and back streets road, the main building over the past year, the administrative villages of new road 14 km, five new cultural square, new YanTang 4, 320 new street lamps, all kinds of new wall print 120.At the same time, the new village new era civilization practice station and other facilities, convenient for the masses to handle affairs, activities and entertainment.A year of time, the village village appearance has undergone earth-shaking changes, the village is beautiful, the spirit of the villagers also look brand-new.From “outsiders” to active participants, most families in the village actively participate in the creation of beautiful gardens.”The living environment has changed a lot. You can see flowers and trees when you go out and there are street lamps at night.It used to be mud when it rained, but now it is cement. There are special staff to clean the roads and pick up the garbage regularly. The roads are much cleaner and the mood is much better.”Lu Yisong, a 77-year-old villager who lives west of the village’s cultural square, speaks with delight of his garden.At three o ‘clock in the afternoon, villager Jiang Lianqun came to his mushroom planting greenhouse as usual to look around and see his “babies”.”Only these sheds have shiitake mushrooms, the other dozens of shacks before the basic finished picking, these shacks are strong, these days in succession to sell, this is not just a collection of shiitake mushrooms just left from me, the market is not a problem.””He said with a smile as he poured mushrooms.Jiang lianqun started growing mushrooms at home 10 years ago. Now he has more than 20 sheds and 20,000 bags of mushrooms. He earns about 5 yuan per bag on average, or more than 100,000 yuan a year.In peak season, when he is too busy, in addition to the whole family to work, he also invited villagers to help him. He can get 60 yuan a day here, which is also a sum of income for farmers at home.Jiang lianqun is one of more than a dozen farmers in the village, and it is the bags of mushrooms that have helped them prosper.Walk on the highway outside the village, you can clearly hear the singing voice from the big stereo, which is supposed to be the cultural benefit of the people on the village cultural square to send drama activities, but follow the sound, but found so sweet sound actually played from an ordinary farmyard.This is a clean and tidy courtyard, bright Spring Festival couplets are still prominently pasted on the door.In the courtyard, several old people are playing in the courtyard, blowing, pulling and singing, quite lively, the whole courtyard is soaked in a happy atmosphere.The owner of the family is 70-year-old Lu Yiwen, a former single disabled poverty alleviation households.With the help of the Party’s good policies, he lifted himself out of poverty in 2018.”The government built me a house.He also took care of me in terms of medical treatment and medicine, and provided me with a certain monthly subsistence allowance, which I sincerely thank the Party.I sing a few verses with my old buddies at home every day to express my gratitude for the good times.”Lv said happily.This is just a typical epitome of kangzhuang village civilization.In Kangzhuang Village, various “cultural walls” with novel themes, rich contents and colorful colors can be seen everywhere, which have become a beautiful scenery line of rural civilization construction.Now, the village has a cultural team, according to the actual production and life of the masses, relying on the village cultural square, concentrated or scattered on a wide range of rich and colorful cultural and sports activities, to meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the masses of farmers.Kangzhuang village to cultivate new farmers as the goal, pay attention to the details, the establishment of cultural square, equipped with a fully functional new era civilization practice station, become the town’s model of civilized village to create.At the same time, it has set up a list of four virtues, a system of one meeting and five meetings, a column on the establishment of civilized villages and villagers’ civilization pledges, and annually selects “good daughter-in-law”, “good mother-in-law”, “good neighbor” and “the most beautiful family” to promote positive energy and cultivate civilized village customs.With a better living environment, stronger industrial development, richer life for the villagers, more civilized atmosphere and better development momentum, WE believe that Kangzhuang Village will have a better future on the road to rural revitalization.