Fierce!The pupil discovered a gang of people making and selling fake maps

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On February 14, haiyan County Procuratorate in Zhejiang province handled by the defendant Wang mou, he Mou, Qi mou and other 7 people copyright infringement crime, counterfeit registered trademark crime in Jiaxing Nanhu District Court first trial.The case was jointly supervised by six departments, including the Copyright Bureau of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, to produce and sell fake land patterns on October 12.According to the investigation, between March 2016 and March 2021, the defendant Surnamed Wang used his contacts in the map industry to obtain 32 map printing documents including 31 Chinese provinces map and China traffic map published by a provincial map publishing house.Later, Wang mou collaborates with the person such as Qi Mou, He Mou to undertake illegal production.In addition, Wang also in qi company without printing qualifications, with the qualifications of other printing companies to obtain wuhan University Press issued by the committee printed sheet, and a large number of more than the number of commissioned printing of the People’s Republic of China and other four maps that Wuhan University Press has exclusive publishing rights.It is reported that 36 maps involved in the case were illegally copied and issued nearly 10 million copies, which were sold across the country through multiple online and offline channels, and the illegal business amount was about 10 million yuan.In addition, the defendant he mou and others also did not obtain permission from Disney and other registered trademark owners, illegally printed and sold brand puzzles, illegal business amount of more than 1.5 million yuan.The “mystery” of the map was not discovered until September 2020, when a primary school student in Haiyan County found that the reclamation area to the north of jiaxao Bridge did not appear on the map of Zhejiang Province.The parents reported the situation to the Haiyan County Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Tourism and Sports, which immediately reported the clue to the police.After receiving the case transfer letter, haiyan County public Security Bureau in October 12 of the same year registered and launched an investigation, along the sales of illegal map of an e-commerce platform business this line, followed by the discovery of an illegal map production and marketing chain headed by Wang.Learned that after the case, haiyan county prosecutor’s office was astonished, early intervention, on the basis of the marking verification documented evidence, around to find out the copyright ownership and obtaining entrusted printing press proof and related procedures such as investigation evidence collection opinions, guide the investigation organ to carry out the evidence to fill the work, further improve the chain of evidence.Sales because of long time span case, papery maps and online in multiple channels, to accurately define the illegal copy issue number of paper maps, illegal operations, the amount of haiyan county people’s procuratorate started to supplement investigation procedure, relying on the mobile phone software of inspection, seized evidence materials such as books, combined with the criminal suspect WeChat chat logs,The missing facts of about 5 million illegal maps were explored actively, and the amount of illegal business was increased by nearly 5 million yuan.In the trial, both sides around the illegal map involved in the amount of business, the number of problems;He mou, Qi mou and other people in the joint crime of the master-slave problem;Each defendant’s legal leniency, mitigating circumstances and other focus of debate.The defendants all expressed remorse and served their sentences, and the court announced that sentencing would be scheduled.Source: Procuratorial Daily, Zhejiang Procuratorial wechat author: Fan Yuehong, Wei Jieping, Wang Jiajia