Foolish head “basketball frame” robbed, A son see after very angry!

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A and Dandy go to the basketball court to play basketball.”A” managed to grab the basketball.I turned my head.Our little nerd.I can’t believe I took the basketball hoop.This made a-boy very angry.After all, he just stole the ball.Idiot took the basketball hoop.According to Sisi’s understanding.Before you listen to someone, be sure to ask him what he means.Avoid causing unnecessary misunderstanding.Just like our nerd.A-boy said he grabbed the basketball.He jumped the gun himself.It made our a-boy very angry.That’s the end of this cartoon.Readers.Always ask what is being said.The dot misheard and misunderstood the meaning.Avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.Or you’ll look like a nerd.A-boy let him grab the ball, and he took the hoop.That’s the end of this comic. See you next time!Foolish head said “Maradona”, and prosperous wealth think is not a person!Rich went to Dull head’s house and found that everyone in their house looked alike!