Guangxi Jing girl Li Wan Yu appeared at the opening ceremony to pass the five-star red flag

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Girl, wan yu jing in guangxi transfer the five-star red flag at the opening ceremony of the “ordinary I finished the sacred mission” in the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, accompanied by a “me and my motherland” melodious tunes, the bright five-star red flag in the deputies to the national industry, advanced model character and representatives of 56 nationalities hand, lit the patriotic enthusiasm.Li Wanyu, a jing ethnic representative from Fangchenggang city, was one of the 100 delegates.Each delegate carries honor and responsibility, passing the National flag from hand to hand, stirring up patriotism.”As a representative of the Beijing ethnic minority, I was honored to participate in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games to pass the national flag admission, deeply expressed the reverence for the national flag and deep affection for the country, very excited and proud.”Li Wanyu said that she showed the spirit of the Jing people with full spirit, fulfilled the sacred mission of showing the elegant demeanor of the Chinese people to the world, and doubled the national pride and patriotic feelings.Li Wanyu is a junior at Minzu University of China.When she first signed up for the Winter Olympics, her school only informed her that she was going to take part in a major event.It was only on the first day of rehearsals that she knew she would carry the national flag at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.There was no complicated movement in the whole process, but in order to present the national flag perfectly, Liwanyu practiced his smile in front of the mirror every day.As a southern girl, the cold was one of the challenges Lewanyu faced when she received her assignment.On the opening day, the temperature inside the Bird’s Nest Stadium was below freezing, and she wore only a thermal coat and four patches, in addition to her Jing costumes.But when she entered the venue, the joyous atmosphere made her feel warm, happy and excited.”The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics is over, but we will not stop moving forward.What an honor, passing the flag.Please rest assured that the powerful state is mine!””Lewanyu wrote on the social media platform.In the Olympic Games, not to the victory of the hero, as long as the courage to overcome the self, beyond the self, it is worthy of respect and praise, life is so.Li wanyu said: “In the future study and life, I will learn from the Olympic athletes dare to fight, good at fighting spirit, forge ahead, courage, bloom in the study of life and work of youth.”(Source: Guangxi Daily Reporter: Yuan Changjun Correspondent: Cheng Qing)