Huining Pavilion: integrate pole and line migration and help beautiful countryside

2022-05-16 0 By

Jinji Village Chen Ci group is liangting township in 2021 municipal beautiful village construction point, the point adjacent to the village department, the township Party Committee, the government attaches great importance to, the village initiative as, party members and masses actively cooperate, but the point inside the pole many lines dense, drilla hung, like spider web, seriously affect the beauty.Alignment pole involved in electric power, telecom, mobile, unicom, and cable TV, a total of five units, the township government charge to inform the department head and village “two committees” twice time to focus on the spot check, who is watching of cement pole, who is watching of the line, see how to plan, the relocation, see how to coordinate communication between departments at the same time, planning and tidy,Economical and practical.Up to now, each unit has made the construction plan, personnel, material arrangements are ready, before the end of March in accordance with the requirements of the county and township all relocation in place, to ensure smooth acceptance.(Xia Minsheng)