Raf Typhoon jets join NATO air policing missions

2022-05-16 0 By

The UK government has announced the deployment of RAF Typhoon jets to Romania to support NATO air policing missions in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.The deployment will include four multi-role jets from RAF Coningsby’s 3 (fighter) Squadron.The Typhoon jets will take part in air policing patrols in the Black Sea region from The Mihail Kogarnicanu air Base in Romania, according to a statement from the British Ministry of Defence.About 150 RAF personnel will form the headquarters of an expeditionary Air Wing (EAW) to support the mission known as Operation Biloxi.These personnel have recently completed training at raf Li Ming’s Operations Training Centre.Armed Forces Minister James Schippe said: “The UK remains committed to the security of NATO and Europe in the face of Russian aggression and unprovoked aggression in Ukraine.”Operation Biloxi is a long-term NATO mission and the RAF plays a central role in security and deterrence in Europe.”Air policing is a defensive operation designed to protect the airspace of members of the NATO alliance.It began in 1961 as a permanent NATO mission during the Cold War.NATO airspace is monitored by the operations center.If it detects an enemy military aircraft, the centre could scramble NATO fighter jets on a quick reaction Alert (QRA).Commenting on the deployment, Group 11 commander Air Vice Marshal Phil Robinson said: “The arrival of our personnel and equipment in the region underlines the RAF’s continued commitment and contribution to NATO air policing missions in Romania.”During deployment, we will work with our Romanian and other NATO partners to achieve the mission and protect and reassure our Allies, while building confidence and maintaining deterrence.”The RAF contingent in Romania was supported by personnel from 1 Expeditionary Logistics Squadron and 2 Mechanical Transport Squadron.Both squadrons procured the necessary equipment and supplies to maintain and sustain the Typhoon jets during the mission.Earlier this month, the RAF announced that its F-35B Lightning fighters had joined NATO’s enhanced Alert patrols.Check out cnSSPC.com for more information