Zhou Yanfei went deep into the High and cold mountain areas of Fenghuang and Huayuan County to carry out research on the security inspection of the Spring Festival

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Massachusetts moment xiangxi February 4 – (correspondent Ellen Gu Shaoan) on February 3, annual grade, Suggestions for lieutenant governor, state public security bureau chief yan-fei zhou in-depth LaErShan in fenghuang county town and spend through the county town of unitary to carry out the security inspection research during the Spring Festival, and visited condolences to the police station, the traffic police squadron to the Spring Festival people auxiliary police on duty.Yan-fei zhou has come to town of fenghuang county LaErShan, flowers through the county town of unitary, the local police station and the traffic police squadron, know the Spring Festival on duty on duty situation, focusing on alpine region current ice and snow road traffic security, police station manage rural towns and traffic safety work, the basic contradiction dispute resolve “understand” project “construction application of the research,And respectively with the local township party secretary, township mayor discussion, understand the basic level of social security comprehensive governance and conflict and dispute resolution work.Zhou yanfei demanded that the current Spring Festival holiday, coupled with a new round of cold rain and snow freezing weather hit a large area of Xiangxi, the freezing situation in the alpine mountains is serious, bringing new pressure to road traffic security.To rural traffic safety work earnestly, give full play to the rural grass-roots management power, give full play to the village and township cadres, “two” “one village one auxiliary police”, strengthen joint spreading measures, adhere to the traffic safety propaganda persuasion, take effective control measures to cope with cold frozen section, put an end to road traffic accidents, ensure that the masses travel safely.Zhou yanfei pointed out that the resolution of grassroots conflicts and disputes is a systematic management project, is an important basic work in the comprehensive management of rural social security.Township and township streets, village groups and communities and police stations should immediately plan and make thorough arrangements, give full play to grass-roots mediation functions, and make full use of grass-roots mass prevention and governance forces, especially during the Spring Festival, to strengthen the investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes, and strictly prevent people from being transferred to prison, so as to resolve conflicts at the grass-roots level and solve disputes in the bud.Zhou Yanfei stressed that the rural villages and towns “Snow bright project” is an important work of peace construction, township and police stations to jointly manage and use, further improve the ability and level of inclement weather traffic control, grassroots public security management, and further enhance the sense of security and happiness of the masses.State public security Bureau deputy director Li Bo, state public Security Bureau traffic police detachment captain Ma Jianping accompanied the investigation, Fenghuang County deputy county magistrate, county public security Bureau director Yang Yun and Huayuan County public Security Bureau political commissar Ding Feng accompanied the investigation.