“I” according to the adjustment of the preparation, did not expect a volunteer ashore

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“Sources:| Withered vine see the world ID:1 preparing for the second interview // Thinking just after the end of the initial examination at this stage, I had the idea that more than a year did not have a happy play,I want to have a good time.However, not a few days later I felt something in my heart, like being blocked, then I think it is better to face frankly, I went to the answer to the English politics.In fact, I felt very uncomfortable after finishing the English answer, because I made a lot of mistakes in my impression.As for politics, the multiple choice questions were not perfect and satisfactory, so AT that time I thought I would prepare for a change./ / Act now, I also pay action, read the test bug related courses, including some adjustment of small programs and seniors push the contents of the public account, I began to think in the direction of adjustment.First of all, I found the first choice of the previous years in a small program which was successfully adjusted by the target college I applied for, and I followed the scope of the colleges they adjusted for me.After that, I started to work on my resume and emails to teachers.I finished sending the resume and these letters before the second interview. Of course, most schools did not give any response, and some schools suggested to contact after the scores came down.At that time the in the mind a little want to settle a few, won’t think wildly./ / preparation, I began to relax for my second interview, because I think since no down scores, one thousand division horse will the second interview, I’m afraid of it as soon as possible into the second interview time, I was at home still middle school practice, so the things also is more, I don’t use common time to review the professional class and English class.There are some English teachers in the office, ask them for my English self-introduction and question and answer, please help me put forward suggestions for revision.(English) In this aspect, I sorted out the template and answer ideas of oral questions from toriyama’s official account. In addition, I sorted out a suitable answer for myself, such as:I have listed 10 questions about my favorite hobbies, introducing my family, introducing myself, my undergraduate school, and why I want to take the postgraduate entrance examination.(respect of professional class) I am to ask elder sister of elder student first, second interview can take an examination of from which a few books probably and what does probably range have?And my target school, they have special operation to take an examination of grind public number, there is the sale of re-test data above, afraid of time is tight at that time, I bought.In addition, there are also teachers in the target school, and their book will also cover the scope. I also selected the key chapters in that book, made notes and memorized them, so you can pay attention to this point./ / simulation, I also find in the second-round exam of simulation of the second interview with classmates, we each other together in question and answer the question and answer questions English and specialized course, would throw the problem immediately answer, all carried out in accordance with the second interview time practice quizzes, including between the teacher and expressed in terms of courtesy is to simulate./ / While waiting for the score of the first test, I have been preparing for the second test.I remember that it was the score of the preliminary test on February 27, until March 20, the school released the instructions for the second test, and the score standard for entering the second test was released the next day.The day of the second interview / / Waiting for the exam on March 26. I didn’t know I was the first one because everyone was waiting.A batch of and a batch of afternoon, we were divided into morning your serial number is not known, when he is nervous, waiting for at that time still can read a book, because do not have their turn, what I was talking to my mom, but suddenly appeared in yesterday’s assistant called me, immediately to me, I am very hurry to sit down and mum was rushing out of the door.In order to ensure a quiet environment for the second interview, my mother also called the neighbors upstairs and downstairs, begging them to keep quiet. (So if the house is really noisy, I suggest you to go to a hotel, of course, also want to check the Internet.)/ / When it came to my interview after the interview, it was probably because I was the first one and the teachers were also preparing for it.The teachers are very kind, smiling and polite.The teacher (the teacher sitting in the main position should be the examiner) first greeting, congratulation I entered the second interview, and then let me briefly introduce myself.Next, another teacher asks an English question. The question is what’s your hobby?This is also my back, very smooth on the answer.In the next part, a teacher had a lot of envelopes with numbers in his hand. He asked me to randomly select a number and open it on the spot, which was the exam question of my professional course. I remember that the exam question asked me “What is the function of light tone?When I finished my answer, the teacher questioned my answer.At that time, I was very nervous and did not give a good answer. I also found some inappropriate examples. I told the teacher the truth.Then came the Chinese talent show part, I showed the teachers our silk fan and water sleeve dance this some, and then very relaxed and happy to end the second test./ / Results The results of the second interview on March 29th, and the results of the search on the recruitment website.The final result is also good, but I think the whole process of preparing for the second interview, I have a deep experience.It is really necessary to prepare early, so that the state of mind will be much better, otherwise, like me, I will be very nervous in the later stage, resulting in a panic before the second interview.Maybe I was lucky enough to be placed in the first interview, which was also helpful for my poor performance in the professional courses, or it might leave a bad impression on the teachers.So provided experience is second interview should also be prepared the sooner, the better, even if every day to review the intensity is not as big as the first, every day to arrange their practice English oral quiz and professional class knowledge related to review, the key is used to answer the questions you make yourself as natural and sincere state, and don’t speak a tense shivering is rigid,This makes a particularly bad impression on the teacher.And the most important thing is to be sincere, you are still a student in front of tutors, teachers, so you have to tell the truth about yourself, you can’t fake it, this is really important.Finally, I hope you can get involved in the second test as soon as possible. Let’s work hard and become master!Wechat id: See the world with withered vine bilibili: Toriyama