National Primary and secondary school students safety education day Dalat banner campus surrounding traffic management “police” is orderly

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Motorcycle, electric car as a means of transportation, with its economy, fast, flexible and easy to operate characteristics, by the majority of people love.But because motorcycle, electric car stability performance is relatively poor, safety performance is low, the lack of certain safety protection measures, coupled with many drivers’ weak safety awareness, once the crash, easy to cause casualties.In order to ensure the safety and order of road traffic around all primary and secondary schools in The banner, effectively prevent and reduce traffic accidents involving primary and secondary school students riding electric bikes, curb students under the age of 16 from driving electric bikes during school and school, and effectively create a good learning environment for all primary and secondary schools.Ordos City traffic control detachment dalat banner brigade, together with justice Bureau, education and Sports Bureau, urban management and law enforcement Bureau and other units, in the area of nanyuan Street school, 11th middle school, no. 6 middle school campus around the joint rectification of electric vehicle illegal behavior, and there are rong media center reporters with the police combat.The police school and the traffic management department jointly promoted the knowledge initiative of electric vehicle safety in the middle schools, and forwarded it to the parents groups to form the momentum of public opinion. Through the special role of teachers, parents and students were given a special “make-up lesson” to guide parents and students to learn, understand and abide by the law.Humanity law enforcement point for teaching, to education on duty police take the first step of the way, the student to carry on the propaganda and education for violations of the law, will be moved to law enforcement, traffic safety knowledge in the process of governance, the policeman on duty will be illegal behavior of the student’s name, class, contact information, name of the teacher in charge all recorded on the school, the school asked parents precept,Actively cooperate with traffic police and school to supervise students’ traffic safety.Continuous improvement Insist for a long time to the next step of traffic administration will continue to strengthen the joint law enforcement, traffic safety management mode, combined the school, parents, education and other multilateral efforts to carry out the renovation and propaganda and education of traffic safety work, efforts to continuous improvement districts primary and middle school students and parents of the traffic safety consciousness, create a good traffic environment surrounding the campus,Our traffic management department has long insisted on maintaining the safety and order of the traffic environment around the campus.(Source: Ordos Traffic Police)