I just know today, also need to change the air filter element this thing

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If species can evolve, why haven’t plants and animals evolved to taste so bad?Are there phrases that are not very offensive but are very insulting?Uncle, you borrowed 50 yuan from me the other day, can you pay me back now?In “Journey to the West”, eating ginseng can also be immortal, but why not a monster to eat it?A few people, a few symbols, and you know what it is.Who defeated naruto ii in Dawn?I was cheated of 2000 yuan by playing the game and went to report it on my motorcycle, but it was impounded later because there was no license plate.What is the hero of Honor of Kings, who is not a backup, but is better than many?Eight psychic ghosts came to my friend’s shop, ordered three dishes and ate for two hours.I don’t know how to spend it, but I want to have a drink alone after work today, so here’s $60.