The opening of the Winter Olympics “ignited” the enthusiasm of tongzhou citizens live games for the people to add “homely dinner”

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The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games was successfully held at the Bird’s Nest National Stadium on The evening of February 4.As the curtain of the Winter Olympic Games began, residents in the city’s sub-center set off an upsurge to watch the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Some of us watched at home, some of us watched collectively, enjoying the feast of sports together to bring a different flavor of the New Year.Xiao Yongqing, who lives in qunfang Garden community in Liyuan Town, turned on the TV at 8 o ‘clock on time last night, and three generations of grandparents and grandchildren sat together and watched the long-awaited opening ceremony.In order to meet the Beijing Winter Olympics, Xiao Yongqing specially home carefully arranged, love calligraphy he and his grandson respectively wrote the winter Olympics theme calligraphy works.Citizen Xiao Haotian: “I wrote it a few days ago. I want to cheer for the Olympic Games. I hope those athletes can achieve good results.”Citizens Xiao Yongqing: “today saw the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the mood is very excited, especially to see the opening ceremony of the picture, reflects the strength of our country, our friends all over the world, Beijing as the double Olympic city, we feel very pleased and proud.”This afternoon, in the Yangzhuang street Tongguang Jiayuan community activity room, a fierce winter Olympics curling match is being broadcast.More than 20 residents came here spontaneously to cheer for the Chinese curling team.In the game, the wonderful performance of the Chinese team ignited the enthusiasm of community residents to watch the game, we have applauded, issued bursts of cheers.Citizen Zhang Tieying: “the community organized everyone to watch the games together, the atmosphere is particularly good, I wish the Chinese Olympic athletes achieve better results.”Tongguang Jiayuan community Party branch secretary Meng Fanqiang: “Beijing is the city of double Olympic Games, the successful holding of the Winter Olympic Games is everyone’s expectation, we all hope to be able to organize together, immersive, atmosphere watching.”Reporter: Wang He, Li Lei, Editor-in-chief: Ran Shuai