There are seven common birds in the countryside that can make children cry at night

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We often describe the beautiful scenery of nature with the words of birds and fragrance of flowers. Living in the countryside, we can always be woken up by a variety of beautiful bird calls in the morning.All things in the world, some good and some bad, bird songs are the same, some pleasant, but also let people listen to the fear, today I introduce you to the 7 common birds in the countryside, the sound is very creepy, children can even be scared to cry at night, how many of these birds do you know?The whipbird is a typical nocturnal bird and is highly nocturnal, resting on branches with its eyes closed during the day and generally inactive.The whipbird is also a master of camouflage, with its feathers closely matching the color of the tree trunk and avoiding danger by remaining motionless like a severed branch when it spots it.Whippoorwill feeds primarily on insects, but is lazy and does not hunt insects on the ground, occasionally flying to the vegetation to catch insects and more often standing on branches waiting for insects to pass by.Whippoorwill’s loud calls, which are used to defend their territory and show off, can actually be jarring, not pleasant. The whippoorwill’s calls, especially if they are very sharp, can be eerie if they are active at night.Grey forest owl is also a nocturnal bird. It hides in dense forests during the day and mostly stands motionless on thick branches with dense leaves and branches close to the tree trunk. It comes out at night and dusk.Unlike whipporwill, which is highly nocturnal, the grey owl is also known to forage in the depths of the forest or in the dark of day.The main food of grey forest owl is rodents, occasionally eat insects, frogs, birds, and sometimes even catch fish in the water.Grey forest owl is widely distributed in China, reaching as far north as the southwest of northeast China, and as far south as Guangxi and Guangdong.Before, another friend told me that at that time, a grey forest owl came out of the woods next to their school. Once he woke up in the middle of the night and heard the cry, so he did not dare to go to the toilet.3. The eagle owl (Xiao) mostly lives in the dense forest which is rarely visited. It is also a nocturnal bird, hiding in the dense forest during the day and coming out at night.The eagle owl’s main food is a variety of mice, so it is known as “expert rat catcher”, sometimes also eat rabbits, wild cats, porcupines, hedgehogs, frogs, insects and so on.Eagle owls in the night will make a “shout, shout, shout, shout”, when in danger will make a “tap, tap” sound as a threat.4. Collared horned owl (Xiao) is also a nocturnal bird, standing and resting on thick branches during the day, motionless, and coming out at night.Their main food is insects such as grasshoppers and beetles, but sometimes they catch mice, birds and lizards.The colled owl’s “buuo” call, repeated at intervals of 12-20 seconds, is softer, but can last for 15 minutes or more. It’s also creepy-sounding.The ghost owl mainly lives in the coniferous forest and mixed needle-broad-leaved forest near grassland, swamp and tundra. It hides in the dense forest during the day and comes out at night. Although it lives in the woods, it will come to live near human beings.The main diet of ghost owls is also mice, and they sometimes catch frogs, birds and insects.They hunt in flight, but they also wait for prey to appear and pounce.The name of the ghost owl has a lot to do with its cry. The cry of the ghost owl is like blowing a flute, which will constantly change and repeat every few seconds. It sounds grim and terrible.Barn owl (Xiao) barn owl lives in low mountains, hills and forests near villages, and also likes to hide in ruins and attics, especially in barns in farmers’ homes, so it is named barn owl.Barn owls are famous rat hunters, and their main food is mice and hares. A barn owl can catch about 3 mice a day, killing thousands of mice a year.Sometimes they eat frogs, birds and so on.Barn owls are good at making scary, high-pitched sounds when catching prey, so as to frighten the prey and make it easier to catch, so you can imagine how ugly the barn owl’s cry is.Pygmy-owl owl time is pygmy-owl time, mostly during the day but sometimes at night. Like an eagle, they hunt their food from the sky. The principal food is small birds and large insects such as crickets, mantises and locusts.Its main habitat in the low hills, plains of broad-leaved forest, secondary forest.There are two caledy-owl sounds. The double whistle like a dog barks high in volume and fast, and the rapid warble that increases in volume as the note drops.It’s loud enough to carry for miles.The night heard something that would make a child cry.