A man in Zhejiang province went paragliding into a school that had been closed due to the epidemic

2022-05-19 0 By

Introduction: The school was closed because of the epidemic, and a man went astray when playing paragliding. Net friend: I never dreamed of this kind of operation.Recently, a university in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, was closed due to the epidemic, so students could not go out, and those who went out could not come in.Therefore, when many students are bored, they can not go out to play, but can only sit on the school playground to kill time. However, in this process, a very magical scene happened, a man actually flew to the university in a paraglider.Because of the suddenness of the incident, many students screamed in horror.The paraglider landed safely on the school playground and no students were injured.Later, some students said that because of the epidemic, the school strictly controlled everyone’s access, but it was really amazing that there were people who could fly in by paraglider.Netizens who saw the scene also couldn’t help but ridicule: “The students in the school probably never dreamed of such an operation, but from the current situation, it should be quite easy to get in, out is not as easy as everyone thought.””If schools in a city are locked down, then the epidemic in the city should be relatively serious, certainly not allowed to run around. Why do people play paragliding at this time?””If this person had an epidemic, was there any consideration given to the safety of the students at the school?I don’t think it’s appropriate to treat it as a joke.”In fact, XIAobian thinks that the man was not intentional, but this situation is not appropriate for the man to stay in the school, or the man should be sent to the corresponding nucleic acid testing institutions for testing, this is also for the safety of students.What do you think about this?Do you have any different ideas?