Liwan Shiweitang Street: With a better environment, residents wish to “light up”

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From the reconstruction of the south Tea Market to the upgrading of the street infrastructure, Shiweitang street has solved a lot of “eagerly awaited” events for the residents.Lighting up residents’ “micro wishes”, Shiweitang Street also starts from residents’ needs, and effectively improves residents’ happiness of life.”The environment has been upgraded, supporting facilities have been added, and our streets are more and more beautiful!”Huang Jie, who lives in Stone Pond Street, said.Since 2021, Shiweitang Street has seized the opportunity to promote the upgrading of professional markets and urban villages within its jurisdiction.We will pay close attention to people’s needs, highlight cultural features, comprehensively improve the urban environment and infrastructure, and make people’s lives more comfortable.At the same time, Shiweitang street adhere to the people’s livelihood needs as the guidance, for residents to solve one imminent problem after another, so that residents feel warm and care.At present, the dongqishi Road tea market environment improvement project demonstration section in the core area of the Southern tea market has been officially completed.It is reported that the demonstration section through the implementation of the “slight improvement of traffic + elevation” project, widening the sidewalk, new landscape nodes, new drainage ditches and roadside flower beds, while improving the greening and other infrastructure supporting construction.Wang Cihui, secretary of the village Economic Association, said that the first 300-meter demonstration section was upgraded from the original market, and the exterior walls of shops along the street were repaired and decorated, then the road was hardened and paved.As the signboard of the merchant is retained, the market retains the characteristics of the merchant and the market environment is cleaner after the update.As for the upgrading of this section, the merchants also expressed that the streets and shop fronts after the renovation looked cleaner and cleaner, and the customers’ shopping experience became better. As the merchants, of course, they felt very happy.Is not only optimize the tea business circle, improve business environment, for the better consummation “area – street – community – post” four service position system between the party and the masses, Shi Wei pond street also coordinates the guangzhou guang yi industrial co., LTD. Provide site free of charge, hole in the stone road tea market environment advance engineering demonstration period of science set fangcun tea business circle between the service station,We will improve red education, policy publicity, one-stop services and other functions to provide important carriers for Party member learning, business exchanges, and consumer services, and help professional markets develop with high quality.With the opening of the post station, the streets, associations and market parties also actively linked together to carry out the publicity of honest operation, garbage classification and other themed Party day activities to create a good atmosphere of law-abiding self-discipline and honest operation.On December 4, 2021, Shiweitang Street will carry out themed publicity activities in the post station centering on the themes of anti-drug and anti-fraud, providing merchants and surrounding residents with popular science knowledge and promoting the implementation of honest management.To make the urban environment “alive”, increase the comfort of life, improve the living environment and improve the quality of life, not only from the old village reconstruction, market upgrading and other “big reform”.Since 2021, Shiweitang street has been close to residents’ living needs, using urban “scraps” to create a convenient and comfortable living environment for residents.New road surface, clean and tidy village entrance, now walk through the village community longwan yuan village entrance, who can not imagine here once overgrown weeds, a rainy day, the bumpy road surface more to village residents brought a lot of trouble.In order to effectively improve residents’ living environment, solve residents’ problems.In September, Shi Wei pond street party of village community construction in guangzhou metro group headquarters planning regulation department party branch, ten line connecting the department party branch, China railway 10 # 1 5 division projects department party branch to carry out party building activities, together with the construction personnel to site weeding, level off, cement, repair community activities.Since 2021, Shiweitang Street has also put forward the needs of residents and implemented a number of environmental upgrading projects, such as the construction of Qiaodong Community Party-mass Service Center, the upgrading and renovation of Yicai Road, and the co-construction and governance of neighborhood gardens led by party Construction.”The environment we live in has become better, and the quality of life has greatly improved.”A neighborhood feeling said.In order to better manage the surrounding environment of the station, In 2021, Shiweitang Street will focus on solving the problem of non-motor vehicle parking for residents.Since the middle and late November, we have actively cooperated with Liwan District Housing and Construction Bureau to implement the construction of the non-motor vehicle parking lot next to Kau Kou Bus station. After half a month of construction, the non-motor vehicle parking lot was officially put into use on the evening of December 15, 2021.It is understood that the non-motor vehicle parking lot was built at the bottom of the Guangfo radial bridge, covering an area of 1200 square meters.There are 3 entrances and exits outside the parking lot, and a 2 meter main passage is set up inside, and a parking area is neatly set up, which can park about 600 non-motor vehicles for free use by the public.For the use of parking lots, many citizens have praised.”I used to be in a hurry to get to work and had to park randomly on the side of the road.You worry that your car will be stolen while blocking traffic.Moreover, it is also very troublesome to get the car back from work every time, often stuck by other cars, can not get out.Now I have a fixed parking lot, I feel at ease, and the efficiency of parking and picking up cars is much higher.”Mr. Pan said.Referring to the upgrading plan of the parking lot in the future, the relevant staff of the street said that the street would also set up a publicity column around the parking lot and put up various popular science posters from time to time to facilitate the public to know about civilized travel, epidemic prevention and control, garbage classification, drug control, anti-fraud and other related knowledge.In addition, to make the location of car parks more clear to the public, street signs will be set up to make it easier for people to find parking spots.It is understood that since 2021, Shiweitang street actively organize the district party organizations and the majority of Party members to comprehensively carry out micro projects and micro wishes of the people’s livelihood collection and claim work, starting from the most difficult people, from the most prominent problems, from the most realistic interests,We will effectively solve the difficulties at the community level and the worries of the people.A fan, a bluetooth headset, a rice cooker…Through “double micro action”, Shiweitang street for their jurisdiction to achieve a small wish.Among these wishes, one came from a disabled couple who insisted on doing public welfare.Due to the inconvenience of their mobility, they have been hoping for many years to buy a “three-wheeled salarycar” (a barrier-free tricycle with the seat down that can lie flat and sleep), so that they can drive themselves to see the outside world.After knowing the couple’s wishes, Shiweitang street searched for information about the three-wheeled rv for the disabled for the first time, and finally gave a subsidy of 30,000 yuan, and bought the three-wheeled RV for them.At the same time, considering that the couple mainly earned their income by selling flowers wholesale in Lingnan Flower Market, the Party branch of Lingnan Flower Market visited them many times to communicate with them. If they needed to purchase flowers, they contacted the market merchants and could give them a proper discount on the price.”We thank the government for granting our wish. We are very happy and touched.I believe that in the future, we can also see the wider world through this car.”The couple sighed.Up to now, all 196 “micro wishes” collected by Shek Wai Tong Street have been claimed.”Micro-transformation not only makes our living environment better, but also makes our quality of life has been greatly improved.- Shek Wai Tong neighbourhood now has a fixed car park, I also feel at ease, parking and pickup efficiency has been much higher.– Mr. Pan thanks the government for meeting our wishes. We are very happy and touched.I believe that in the future, we can also see a wider world through this car.Up to now, 196 “micro wishes” collected by Shiwei Tong Street have all been claimed.Source: Information Times