5 details of Watergate Bridge: Why volunteers blew up the bridge 3 times, but the US Army was able to repair it?

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Preface: This year is the year of the tiger, don’t forget — it was 72 years ago, the war to resist the United States and aid Korea officially started!Out of the movie “Changjin Lake” love, out of wu Jing, Hu Jun, Duan Yihong, Zhu Yawen and other people’s acting recognition;On The first day of Chinese New Year, the opening day of Watergate Bridge, I went to the cinema to see it.After the film began, an old aunt sitting next to me quietly wiped tears for several times — she really felt sorry for those young and determined children on the screen.While I was shocked by the big scenes of Watergate Bridge, I also captured five details in the film. Some of them faithfully restored the history, and some were adapted based on the history.But in any case, the more you learn about the history, the more poignant these details become.Detail 1: At the end of the movie watergate Bridge, Song Shilun, the commander of the 9th Corps of the Volunteer Army, played by Zhang Hanyu, drives to Changjin Lake, takes off his hat and bows deeply to the lake in tears.The scene was historical, but it took place on the Yalu River, where commander Song Shi-lun signaled the driver to stop as the 9th Corps returned from Korea.After getting off the bus, Song shi-lun stood silently for a long time in the direction of Jangjin Lake, then took off his hat and bowed deeply.When he looked up, the guard saw that the general was in tears and could not contain himself.Why would Song Shilun be so sad?The battle of Jangjin Lake was won by the volunteers, but they paid a high price.In fact, two sentences can explain the tragic battle of Chosin Lake.First, neither of the warring sides thought of the same problem — that the other side was so difficult to fight!Second, after the battle, it became a bitter memory that the Chinese and American soldiers who participated in the war will never forget.Detail 2: In Watergate Bridge, a company of volunteers crawl concealed on the snow.This detail appears in many films about the war against the United States and aid Korea;Many people may not have much reaction to it.But you might be impressed if I told you that in the entire Korean War, only the Chinese army was able to accomplish this long concealed crawl!It is well known that during the Korean War, American soldiers were most afraid of two things: volunteer soldiers who came out of nowhere;The other is a shrill whistle or a loud bugle call.This “out of nowhere” is a tactical move based on covert advance that is guaranteed to be accomplished.Of course, the U.S. army knows this tactic well, and even learned it from volunteers during the Korean War. But why can’t the U.S. army use covert advance itself?The tactical training of the crawl because it takes iron discipline and willpower for an army to complete this tactical move!Let alone in the snow, let alone in the mountains of North Korea, is the ordinary training ground, such a concealed creeping solo soldiers, if the slightest distance, your knees, elbows will be worn to bleeding;If you continue with these tactical moves, it’s like grinding on the wound!The American soldier has a lot of firepower to back him up, and you ask him to do that, no one wants to do that.But our volunteer soldiers can only use this tactical movement to avoid the reconnaissance of the enemy aircraft, to avoid being observed by the enemy, in order to achieve the tactical launch of the surprise.In other words: our soldiers can only use the iron will, with their own blood drop by drop, to make up for the weapons of the warring sides of the generation difference!So if you understand this detail, you’re going to be moved.Watergate Bridge Detail 3: In the battle of the attack on the Watergate Bridge, our company displayed superb tactical qualities.There are always those who do not know history, or those who sit on crooked hips, who claim that the victory of the Korean War was won by the volunteers with the lives of soldiers through the human sea tactics.It is true that in the Korean War, the volunteers paid a huge price due to the comprehensive weapons generation difference between China and the United States.But it is insensitive and foolish to say that volunteers are only capable of using human sea tactics.There are times when there are intense personnel charges, just for artistic effect;In fact, the volunteer soldiers never charged without a plan;It not only has many tactical formations, but also has formed a mature “tactical memory” among the soldiers at the grass-roots level.Not only that, on the battlefield, how to hit tanks, how to ambush, how to outflank, how to cross cover, how to echelon attack and so on volunteer soldiers of all kinds of combat skills, are textbook level existence!Net picture or we ask a question: if volunteers only rely on human sea tactics, how to defend shanggan Mountain?Check out the origins of tunnel warfare, what a backslope is, and how it works against the us army’s super-saturated van Vleet ammo.In the Battle of Shangganling, the United Nations dropped 2.9 million bombs on an area of 3.7 square kilometers!Rao is so, the United Nations army’s own cumulative casualty rate still reached 38%, and charged more than 600 times, still bite shangganling!So, do not see some entrainment with illicit goods of the net text, follow others in the back.Don’t give up independent thinking for some artistic effect in a movie.Read some serious history books to really understand the Korean War.Detail 4: In the movie, the Watergate Bridge is bombed three times by volunteer soldiers — although the method and effect of the bombing are different from the real history, but the three times of bombing is highly consistent with history.In the changjin Lake battle, Peng Dehuai, commander in chief of the Volunteer Army, not only made a good pocket array, but also made dumplings for the 1st Us Marine Division.And the volunteers had long expected that if the 1st Marine division wanted to escape, it would take the Watergate Bridge, so they had organized death squads to blow up the bridge.But the U.S. army, which was the most advanced army at the time, quickly organized engineers to build a temporary bridge.After the 20th volunteer army found, immediately organized a second blow up the bridge deck.The bridge was vital to the survival of the 1st Marine Division, so when the AMERICANS took control of the area, they rushed to repair it again and built another bridge.The volunteers were really angry this time, and again sent their elite troops to bomb for the third time — this time so thoroughly that even the piers of the bridge were blown off. See how you fix it!Even so, after the third bombing of the bridge, the deputy division commander of the 60th Division of the Volunteer Army was worried and went to inspect the site himself. He put down his telescope with satisfaction and thought: Even though the American army was so powerful this time, it would take at least half a year to build another bridge!This was not all. After all, the volunteers had been thoroughly tempered in the battle, and even if they were sure that the enemy could not escape, they still left a company of troops on guard.Remember this link, and we’ll come back to it.But the 1st Marine got away from here anyway.In other words, the Watergate Bridge has been repaired.In the face of the watergate Bridge was repaired and the escape of the 1st Marine Division, the hot-tempered Peng Dehuai did not complain after learning the truth, but deep silence, why is this?Detail 5: In the movie watergate Bridge, There is a scene: MacArthur urgently ordered Japanese companies to find ways to ensure that the watergate Bridge construction materials are perfect;Later in the film, US military transport planes appear over the Watergate Bridge and drop the steel bridge directly into the US army’s circular position.This detail is also historical, but it does not describe Japanese companies.The Japanese company was Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which overnight built eight M-2 steel and wood standard Bridges for the U.S. military, which then used eight C-119 transport planes to whisk them over the Watergate Bridge in North Korea, more than 1,000 kilometers away, and dropped them directly there by giant parachutes.So, in just one day of intense construction, engineers from the 1st Marine Division built a 50-ton steel bridge over the cliff that could pass all types of tanks and vehicles.This military capability is beyond the imagination of all volunteers.This is the reason why Mr Peng did not lose his temper after learning the truth – after all, weapons and military level of the huge generation difference, we can not completely rely on tactics and will to fill.This is what makes the volunteer force so great — we are able to hold the AMERICANS firmly on the 38th parallel in the face of such great difficulties!The superb skill and tactics of the light infantry and the iron will of the volunteers are the reason why they were able to blow up the Watergate Bridge three times.And the us military’s superior military might is the reason why it was able to repair the bridge and escape.As I said, when the volunteers blew up the piers of the Watergate Bridge, they left behind a company of insurance.Now, what about this connection?Not only was the company still there, it was all in battle position!But in the -40 degree weather in North Korea, wearing single clothes, they all turned into ice sculptures!This is the Korean War, moving, shocking and tears down the ice sculpture company!In his later years, the director of operations of the 1st Marine Division of the United States recalled in an interview, If the Chinese had a certain amount of air power and logistics support, none of the 1st Marine division would have survived.This is the opponent’s fair assessment of the Chosin Lake battle.The significance of the movie “Jangjin Lake” and “The Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” is that we can look back at the history that should not be forgotten.For those who want to remember that history, and for those who want to see both movies in more depth, you can read the book, Blood of Chosin Lake.First, the book deserves credit for its rigorous history.The authors of this book are a team of three, who spent more than two years interviewing 28 veterans of the volunteer army across the country, as well as commanders and researchers of military science.And most of the interviewees came from the ninth Corps.Second, the book is true to history, without the “spring and Autumn style” commonly used in historical literature.For example, the book also faithfully records the psychological process of some volunteers — they crossed the Yalu River with the confidence that they swept the Kuomintang army. In the early days of the war, they also experienced the psychological process that they despised the enemy, feared the enemy, and then shared hatred against the American army.This process is actually normal.Finally, this book gives you the right answers not just to the battle of Chosin Lake, but to the entire Korean War.Why can the Chinese People’s Volunteer army confront the world’s most elite American forces in the face of a huge weapons generation gap?Why the Chinese People’s Volunteers can take the initiative to fight out of the country, the US-led “United Nations army” to the south of the 38th parallel?Why was the Chinese People’s Volunteer army able to hold down the American troops on the 38th Parallel and force them to sign an armistice agreement?Conclusion: Whether you read The movie Watergate Bridge after you finish the book, or read the book after you finish the movie, the combination of the two will make both more interesting.Watching movies and reading books together will also help you to remember and understand this memorable history more clearly — you will truly touch this unforgettable history for what it really is.After all, it is even more important to know the real history than to remember it.# movie Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake ## History ## movie # Follow @Lao Fei 2020 and share travel and reading.Original writing;Without my permission to refuse any reprint!Pictures from the Internet.