Marriage and love godfather Jieqing Road 146 Mud 6-3 deplorable fortune-telling

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The third kind of muck that can’t be held up to the wall is to entrust your life to something that you don’t understand and that is to say, the fool who tries to solve his problems by fortune-telling. Listen to me:The first kind of superstitious fortune-tellers are those who believe in the Chinese zodiac or even the matching of their names. Generally, they are people who have never been to college, and no matter how rich they are, it is useless. They like to let others make decisions for them because of their cognitive level.The second superstition is that fortune-tellers like to turn to fashionable teachers like Tarot to teach them how to get rid of singles and deal with emotional problems in love and marriage. It is common among young people, many of whom are college students.The third kind of superstitious fortune-teller is willing to listen to the emotional master and flow of big coffee all kinds of empirical and theoretical preaching of the people, more common in the lack of independent ideas and experienced all kinds of emotional trauma, regressing into the state of children of men and women, I see is also white experience.In short, superstitious divination prediction arbitrary fortune-telling people, money or money will be abolished, the rich will mispay the silver, no money more believe in fate, for these people, I can only sigh, really can not help, because they do not want to think, just simple and rough.