The national emblem on Gu Ailing’s chest is shining!Canada did not wear goose, Hanyu yuanyu did not show up

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Beijing time, February 5, 2022 Saturday news.A wonderful opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is the moment for athletes from all countries to show their best style!Because it is the Winter Olympics factor, coupled with the low temperature in Beijing that day, so the athletes are bundled up.And the Chinese delegation, the temperature is more elegant, a beautiful entrance clothes, amazing!Gu Ailing is definitely a big star!The chinese-American skier, who gave up her American citizenship to become a Chinese citizen and fought for China, is synonymous with champion.Gu will compete in three events: halfpipe, slopestyle and big jump.Because of her fame, As soon as She appeared, she was asked by volunteers to take a photo with her. Later, the cheerful and smiling Gu never refused to take a photo with everyone.Then the Chinese athletes entered the stadium. Gu Ailing was on the left side of the first row. She was dressed in Chinese red, white boots and red hat.Gu Ailing is ready to fight for China!The emblem on her breast, shining!Athletes from other countries enter the stadium with their own characteristics.Canada goose, almost synonymous with the most extravagant of ice and snow costumes, appears to be absent.Especially when team Canada showed up, they weren’t wearing geese.In China, tens of thousands of geese, so many people crazy grab, but when the Canadian team entered, but did not wear!In addition, Japan’s flag bearer is Yaris Konami, a speed skater who retired from the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics but chose to come out of retirement to compete in Beijing.Hanyu yuzuru, the much-anticipated, still did not appear, not only did not appear in the opening ceremony, nor any training ground found his shadow.