The woman wears for a long time “silver bracelet”, good to the body really?The doctor finally told the truth

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Women love beauty is a common nature, but also belongs to a normal phenomenon, women in the world of beauty accounted for the majority, I believe that we are more aware of the silver bracelet, about women wear silver bracelet for a long time what are the benefits of the body, let’s have a look.Silver bracelet a lot of people wear jewelry, just born children will wear, meaning is very good, DO not know whether we have understood.The woman wears for a long time “silver bracelet”, good to the body really?Doctors say the truth 1, sterilization if unhealthy food intake or body suffer invasion of external factors, can make the body exist too many germs and bacteria, not timely control and treatment, health level will gradually becomes poor, silver bracelet with silver ions, the thermal conductivity of silver in the most prominent in all metal,Women wearing silver bracelets can reduce the heat of the veins and blood, play a sterilization effect, so that the body to ensure a healthy state.Many women not only need to be busy with work, but also need to take care of the family, which is very stressful, so it is easy to have sleep problems.Women wearing silver bracelets can alleviate insomnia. When the body is exercising, it can rub the arm and dredge the lung meridian. Especially for insomnia caused by lung damage, it can achieve a very good effect.3, relieve cold cold some folk folk prescription, such as family of boiled eggs, the old man would put a silver ring, very weakly with cloth, rolling around navel, such as egg cool change again after another egg, repeat a few times more, change the color of the silver ring, the reason will appear, such as performance,This is mainly because silver ions help to remove toxic gases and moisture from the body, relieving cold and dampness buildup and helping to relieve colds.This folk remedy is only used when the condition can be stable. If you completely rely on this folk remedy to treat a cold, it will make the condition serious and delay the best treatment period.4, help the body detoxify, although now everyone’s standard of living has improved a lot, but many people still don’t have good living habits, especially for women, genetic predisposition is cold, coupled with poor diet and living habits, can make the damp, cold, enter the body, lead to waste toxins piled up, make blood circulation suffocate.To prevent such problems, women can wear silver bracelets, which absorb harmful substances and remove waste and toxins from the body, thereby helping to detox the body.The silver bracelet contains silver ions, which are trace elements needed by the body. The body lacks silver elements, and there will be uncomfortable reactions. Often wearing silver bracelets can prevent these discomfort.Silver ions bind toxic substances to the body, control infection and help wounds heal faster.How should we properly care for silver bracelets?When wearing a silver bracelet for a long time, you can use a toothbrush to clean the bracelet, smear a small amount of toothpaste on the surface of the bracelet, gently brush with a soft bristle, and finally rinse the bracelet with clean water, with a clean soft cloth, the bracelet dry, luster will return to the previous state.You can use vinegar or strong tea water to wipe, the effect is the same, depending on what method is convenient around you.Guide to Summer Regimen