The winter Olympic coins and banknotes were booked again in Xiamen within ten minutes

2022-05-21 0 By

February 12, according to Xiamen Daily, at 22:30 yesterday, the exchange of the commemorative coins of the 24th Winter Olympic Games (referred to as “Winter Olympic coins”) and commemorative banknotes (referred to as “winter Olympic banknotes”) began again.All the winter Olympic banknotes and winter Olympic banknotes booked by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Postal Savings Bank in Zhuhai were booked within 10 minutes.The reporter learned from the Central branch of the People’s Bank of Xiamen, this time to make an appointment to exchange work, xiamen remaining winter Olympic coins and winter Olympic banknotes only about 84,000 sets, 180,000 sets.At 22:30, the reporter opened the official wechat accounts of ICBC, Bank of China, CCB and POSTAL Savings Bank respectively. Within five minutes, there were no winter Olympic coins left in the four banks.Bookings for the notes were a little slower, but all four banks booked the notes 10 minutes after they started booking.Ms. Lin, a recent graduate, is very interested in coin collection. She said, “I participated in the reservation for the exchange of winter Olympic banknotes some time ago, but I couldn’t make an appointment for the exchange of Winter Olympic banknotes because OF my busy work. I am really happy to see the news of the reservation for the exchange of Winter Olympic banknotes again.I opened icbc’s official wechat account 10 minutes in advance, followed the countdown closely, and finally reserved 20 sets of winter Olympic coins.”Ms Ran, who has worked in xiamen for many years, said that she saw the exquisite winter Olympic coins and banknotes on the Internet, but also called her daughter in advance to teach themselves how to operate an appointment, but everyone is really too fast, such as she finished the information, the Construction Bank of the Winter Olympic coins and banknotes have no surplus.