What are the taboos of sour jujube kernel

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Zizyphus jujube benevolence of zizyphus jujube seed, after processing the for medicinal, it contains alkaloids, amino acids, and the composition such as metal elements, can have many effect, TCM believes that sexual flavour acid, it has a calming nerves, nourishing the liver, the effect of sweating, clinically for the symptom such as insomnia, spontaneous perspiration and night sweat are supporting role, let below small make up take a look at the nutritional value and efficacy of zizyphus jujube benevolenceWhat are the taboos of sour jujube kernel?1. Enhance immunity sour jujube kernel is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine with enhanced immune function, which is rich in vitamin C can improve the body’s antioxidant effect, while enhancing the phagocytosis function of macrophages, and then enhance the body’s immunity.2. Sedative hypnotic jujube seed as medicine has obvious sedative effect, it has a great impact on the central system, can bring drowsiness phenomenon, prolong sleep time.3. Reduce the content of serum cholesterol jujube kernel contains a component called total glucoside of jujube kernel, which can help reduce the content of serum cholesterol and increase the content of high-density lipoprotein.These effects can inhibit the formation of arteriosclerosis and hinder its development.4. Maintain the nutritional balance of the body Jujube kernel is rich in vitamin C, we usually eat it can supplement vitamin C, so as to maintain the nutritional balance of the body, it is good for the body.The sour and sweet taste of sour jujube kernel can not only produce fluid and quench thirst, but also alleviate the problem of body deficiency and sweating. Using sour jujube kernel, ginseng and Poria coxporia to make powder and put it into water for drinking can effectively prevent night sweat.Although the medicinal value and efficacy of sour jujube kernel are very good, but our pregnant women friends in life must not take sour jujube kernel, otherwise it is harmful to the health of the body.Pregnant women should pay attention to eating, a lot of things can not eat, sour jujube seed bubble water is mainly calm effect, has a certain calm effect, but can excite the uterus, so pregnant women had better not take, for fear of hurting the belly of the baby.If we all belong to allergic constitution, then it is best not to take jujube seed in daily life, otherwise it will cause allergic reactions, which is not conducive to the health of the body.People with allergies eat things that are not correct is easy to cause itching and swelling of the skin, so people who are allergic to jujube kernel should not take this, accidentally will be allergic, and then lead to a large area of the body redness, or fever, excessive use of jujube kernel is also afraid of causing poisoning.In addition, we all need to know that if you are physically weak, it is best not to take jujube kernel, which has a bad effect on the body.Some people are physically poor, or overworked, very tired when do not take jujube seed, it will lead to mood disorder, physical discomfort, make people more tired.