Agua, you’re on fire!

2022-05-22 0 By

“You go away, I’ll drive!”Recently, ninghai, Ningbo, a restaurant fire roadside car was ignited to see the fire will engulf the whole car a man rushed forward to pull the driver drove away from the man who was brave into the fire?Road vehicles are ignition danger auxiliary police car drove away from 14 in the morning, xidian white car burned a roadside street restaurant fire situation is very critical at this moment the town police station auxiliary police YuDongHui just passing from work, he help him see immediately after the owner opens the door to move the fire vehicle go YuDongHui rushed forward to pull open the owner, “you go you go, I’ll open!”He grabbed the owner’s keys and drove the car out of the fire to a safe area alone. Police officers with fire extinguishers aimed at the car and put it out. Firefighters came and joined the team to put out the fire.Site no casualties “at that time didn’t think much as far as possible let people don’t injured” stand up the auxiliary police YuDongHui is west shop police station anti cheat in anti cheat video studio members often plays the role of “agua” life warm-hearted also has often been a friend to call “agua” mentioned in the scene when the YuDongHui said:”All the oil beside the hotel spilled out, once there was oil under the car, the fire would engulf the whole car. I was a little afraid afterwards, but I didn’t think too much about it at that time. I tried to keep other people from getting hurt.”Source: CCTV News