April 8, 2022 Weinan Health And Medical Information Microreport (group photo)

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Weinan city central hospital stomatology department held children oral health care lecture.Shaanxi net news (reporter Liu intern reporter Weinan Wang Qianying) recently, spring, sunny, temperature rising, the medical work orderly, weinan kouqiangke lecture on children’s oral health center hospital, children’s oral health knowledge, for everyone to improve children’s oral health care consciousness, the second hospital weinan high quality nucleic acid acquisition task,Weinan Duqiao Hospital carries out administrative ward rounds to ensure the orderly development of medical work, and tongguan county carries out teaching and research training activities on epidemic prevention and control in school in spring to further improve the awareness of all teachers on epidemic prevention and control in spring.Check out today’s health care tips below.On the evening of April 7, after the provincial epidemic prevention and control video scheduling meeting, Mayor Chen Xiaoyong immediately presided over the scheduling meeting to convey the spirit of the provincial meeting and arrange the current key work.Xiao-yong Chen stressed that matters at “two stands a” GuoShengDao junction and epidemic prevention and control of health service, strengthen the key areas to return nutrient-laden screening control personnel, cargo logistics vehicles, orderly organization to carry out the “antigen detection + nucleic acid diagnostic” double inspection, strict enforcement of “peer-to-peer” closed-loop transfer measures, such as woven knit up outside the input line.Priority should be given to the screening of key personnel, the “four-party responsibility” should be tightened, the screening of people with recent travel history in key areas should be conducted promptly, nucleic acid screening of 23 categories of key personnel should be increased, nucleic acid testing should be carried out in all kinds of kindergartens and nursery schools, primary and secondary school students, and students of colleges and secondary schools should be carried out, and prevention and control requirements should be implemented in public places.Early detection, early reporting, early isolation and early treatment will be realized.Will comprehensively for marking on the table, save the nucleic acid testing materials and personnel, completes the concentrated isolation point reserves, to strengthen the prevention of traditional Chinese medicine, improve the vaccination rates in the elderly, or flow adjustable team, strengthen training exercises, improving emergency ability, continue to strengthen the prevention and control of hard-won achievements, efforts to protect people’s life safety and body health.On April 7, the stomatology department of Weinan Central Hospital held a lecture on children’s oral health, to popularize children’s oral health knowledge and improve the awareness of children’s oral health.Dentists explained the function of teeth, replacement of deciduous permanent teeth, how to prevent dental caries, what is cavity and groove closure, how to brush teeth correctly and other knowledge through vivid pictures.In the interactive session, parents of children actively asked questions, and stomatologists answered them one by one and gave patient guidance.From April 1 to December 31, Weinan central blood bank and Weinan Science and technology Association of the city’s enterprises to carry out “100 free blood donation popular science lectures” activities.Through lectures and interactive exchanges, the activity will further improve the public’s understanding of voluntary blood donation and unpaid blood donation service, so that more people deeply understand the significance of voluntary blood donation.This activity aims to carry forward the social atmosphere of social friendship and mutual assistance, carry forward the spirit of volunteerism, encourage the whole society to participate in and care for the cause of blood donation without compensation, and strengthen the awareness of enterprise cadres and workers on blood donation without compensation, improve the service ability of volunteers.Recently, in order to further do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the medical department of the second Hospital of Weinan city according to the superior competent departments and hospital work arrangements, organized the withdrawal of more than 110 backbone medical staff,We have completed the nucleic acid collection task of 17,000 people in total by weinan staff of China Telecom and all teachers and students of primary and secondary schools under the jurisdiction in a standardized, efficient and high quality manner.Recently, for insight into the high-tech zone under the age of 3, infant care services, high-tech health food and drug administration organization to carry out nursery service comprehensive baseline screening, on-site childcare services to the inspection epidemic prevention and control guide, fire and health care policy propaganda, and urge the agencies for the record in accordance with requirements as soon as possible.This survey aims to comprehensively check and understand the relevant situation of childcare institutions, help the practitioners of childcare institutions fully understand the current policies, and guide these institutions to rectify and improve in accordance with the standards set, and gradually bring them into the record management, so as to effectively promote the development of infant care services.On April 7, in order to further implement the epidemic prevention and control routine work, timely grasp the running situation of the clinical departments, medical work orderly, weinan Du Qiao XiaoWei hospital dean, vice President of the chun-juan li led the hospital clinical medical department each head of department functions, targeted on partial medical quality and medical safety inspection work instruction.President Xiao Wei and his delegation inspected the key links of medical safety, hospital sense prevention and control and patient satisfaction service in each department one by one.At the same time, the fire, water, electricity and other safety production carried out a detailed investigation.On the afternoon of April 6th, the Health Bureau of Chengcheng County organized a novel Coronavirus antigen detection training for 49 teachers from various medical institutions at all levels in the county.At the meeting, the person in charge of the medical policy Unit of the County Health Bureau introduced the related matters of novel Coronavirus antigen detection, requiring all units to master this operation technology, strengthen training and assessment, and strengthen quality management.At the same time, experts from the county hospital interpreted the Novel Coronavirus Antigen Detection Implementation Protocol (Trial) and explained the operation essentials, applicable groups, confirmation of results, precautions and other aspects of antigen detection.After the meeting, the county hospital assessed 49 participants on the site of antigen detection operation techniques, and all the results were qualified.Recently, in order to effectively prevent the occurrence and spread of infectious diseases in kindergartens and further improve the awareness of prevention and control of infectious diseases among all teachers in spring, tongguan county has launched a teaching and research training activity on prevention and control of infectious diseases in spring.The training focuses on the characteristics and epidemic characteristics of common infectious diseases in spring, and introduces the types, main transmission channels, basic characteristics and preventive measures of infectious diseases in spring.And combined with the kindergarten day work, how to scientifically prevent epidemic infectious diseases guidance, remind teachers to strictly follow the kindergarten day disinfection process to do a good job of class disinfection.Weinan city central hospital stomatology department held children oral health care lecture.The second Hospital of Weinan completed the task of nucleic acid collection with high quality.Weinan Duqiao Hospital in April, the president of the administrative rounds.Weinan Duqiao Hospital in April, the president of the administrative rounds.Tongguan County carries out spring epidemic prevention and control teaching and research training activities.Weinan daily health and medical information micro, by the Weinan City Health commission, Shaanxi network Weinan station, Weinan network, weinan medical network daily comprehensive release.