Can’t hide it!Who is the U.S. playing up the “China threat” to gain?The US media uncovered the biggest winner behind the scenes

2022-05-22 0 By

China’s development in recent years has attracted worldwide attention, and it has made unprecedented achievements in many areas.At the economic level, China has become one of the few countries with positive economic growth in the era of COVID-19, and has recorded an unprecedented trade surplus of us $676.43 billion.At the political level, the Belt and Road Initiative has attracted the participation of more and more countries. During the Winter Olympics, Chinese leaders met with political leaders of other countries and reached a lot of consensus.At the military level, dongfeng missile, 095 attack nuclear submarine and J-20 fighter have all entered the ranks of the world’s top weapons.Of course, as the hegemon of the world, the United States does not want to see China’s vigorous development. It constantly exaggerates the “China threat” with the help of public pressure and uses the group advantage to contain China.Recently, the US media exposed the final winner of the “China threat”, and the US military fire industry surfaced.The winner behind the scenes is the US military fire industry “double standard” has become synonymous with the United States.The PENTAGON has previously played up China’s military threat, saying that the rise of China’s nuclear power threatens global security.In fact, the United States has far more arms and nuclear weapons than China, and it spends more than 10 times as much to maintain them each year.So why does the US keep exaggerating China’s military threat?There are inevitably two reasons. First, the United States wants to exaggerate China’s military strength to attract the attention of other countries in the world and force China to reduce its weapons production through group advantage.Second, US military contractors want to cash in on the “China threat” bubble.Forbes published an article on February 10. The article mentioned at the beginning that the current situation between Russia and Ukraine has aroused strong concern in the United States, but it should be remembered that the driving force for increasing U.S. defense spending is concern about China.But these fears can sometimes be misguided or even contrary to reality.In fact, China’s military threat is infinitely magnified, which could lead to an arms race and regional conflict.It is worth noting that it is the US arms industry that stands to gain from this struggle to exaggerate the Chinese threat.It is well known that the United States is a country that has prospered from war.Having stayed out of the first and second world wars, the U.S. arms industry is still trying to make a lot of money out of the conflict.”I would say I see an opportunity for international sales,” said Raytheon CEO Gregory Hayes. “Just look at last week’s drone strike in the United Arab Emirates.”Of course, tensions in Eastern Europe, the South China Sea, all of these things will put pressure on local defense spending, so we can benefit from that.Of course, as well as foreign money, American arms dealers also covet The Pentagon’s cash.By playing up the China threat, they hope to get the PENTAGON to spend more money.For some information, refer to global Times