Facilities of Anding Town Government Service Center in Daxing District are upgraded to show “great care”

2022-05-22 0 By

After the comprehensive implementation of the three-child policy, humanistic care policies and supporting facilities for pregnant and lactating women are becoming more and more perfect. In Anding Town, Daxing District, with the deepening of the national civilized urban work, in order to effectively do a good job of caring for women, anding Town government service Center has added a maternal and child room.It not only provides a private, clean, safe and comfortable resting place and lactation space for female workers and female groups that come to deal with business, but also builds a warm post station.The Beijing youth daily reporter learned that, the construction of maternal and infant room city maternal and child room construction in strict accordance with the requirements, using environmental protection material to decorate, whole is tonal give priority to with light pink, interior is equipped with comfortable seats, milk baby care bed, small refrigerator, disinfection cabinet and other facilities, also close the placement of breastfeeding, baby care, and scientific nurture propaganda posters and magazines,Used to transmit scientific knowledge of lactation to nursing mothers.Baby wet wipes, anti-overflow pads, diapers, antibacterial hand sanitizer and other user-friendly small details, but also to meet the special needs of nursing mothers.”In some big stores the municipal, district maternal and child room is the basic standard, now unexpectedly also has this kind of place in the villages and towns, the establishment of maternal and infant room, to give the role of a great deal of respect and love, also is the Gospel of mothers, maternal and child room all kinds of goods is complete, incredibly small baby care knowledge also posted on the wall, is really surprise.”A new mother spoke highly of the mother and baby room in anding Town Government Service Center.In fact, whether a public facility can bring support and help to nursing mothers is also one of the scales to measure the degree of civilization of a city.Since the establishment of national civilized city in Daxing District, with the effective implementation of anding Town, the “appearance level” of urban and rural construction has not only been improved, but also let the wind of civilization blow through the streets and alleys.The construction of maternal and child rooms not only highlights the details of civilization and humanistic care, but also greatly improves the sense of gain and happiness of the masses.The next step, anding town government service center will further do a good job of normal management, arrange special personnel for the mother and baby room daily cleaning, to ensure that the environment to keep clean, warm and comfortable, for the business and the masses to continue to provide warm services, to the greatest extent to meet the needs of the masses, for the creation of civilized urban warming.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Pu Changting correspondent Zheng Weiqiao photo/Anding Town daxing district editor cui Yifei