Hang out with Christmas!He says Shanghai has an indefinable charm

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To Shanghai 9 years nothing I basically is the richest man in the street long walk in the street to open some of the shop is my old friend like neighborhood later I become an artist for them should be pretty strange thing with wenhui newspaper the news office of the Shanghai municipal people’s government jointly launched “city soft power series about” one hundred sets of micro movie,Tell about the beautiful life in this charming city of Shanghai.The first season “the reason to love the sea” today “harvest”!Follow Li Dan, co-founder, chief content officer and stand-up comedian of Xiaoguo Culture, as he talks about his life in Shanghai. Let’s love Shanghai together in the happy “Ha ha Ha ha”!The 12th episode of “hahaha” has Easter egg video at the end of the article!!”This is the kindergarten in Love Myth, our company is next door, in front of the juice shop in the movie…”On the last weekday before the year of the Tiger, I strode with Li Dan down Gaolan Road, a street less than 300 meters long and flanked by historic buildings, quiet, elegant and full of stories.Walking into the four-storey old house, many of our colleagues are still preparing for the Spring Festival performance.The red Spring Festival couplets on the wall, upper and lower and horizontal are “ha”.Li Dan said, laughing fruit of the Spring Festival couplets are “ha ha ha”.This is li Dan’s third Spring Festival in Shanghai, “in addition to fewer open bars and cafes, with the usual really can be said to be no difference, and then fewer friends…”‘I don’t feel as good as I do on weekdays,’ he said. ‘Maybe it’s because I have so much fun in Shanghai.'”When it’s not raining or not raining, I just walk around jufu Chang (Julu Road, Fumin Road and Changle Road). In the afternoon, I sit on the street and have a cup of coffee and a glass of wine. It’s just my daily life.”Li Dan said that if people read Xiaohongshu or Dianping, they might think he is a store-exploring blogger.Having lived in Shanghai for nine years, Li Found the city’s sparkle-filled streets a good place to hang out and have a spark of inspiration.Over the course of nine years, he has turned all the shops in his radius into neighbors.”These streets are my neighborhood and I spend every day here. Anyway, I think these friends of Jufu Chang have become desensitized to us. Even if they are tired of watching them, they seldom come to take photos on the street.A typical day for a stand-up comedian, he says, is to wake up at noon, maybe wake up early, but definitely wake up at noon, and then walk around the streets in the afternoon, ostensibly to get ideas, and then maybe find a cafe, sit down and write, and then go back to the open counter in the evening to practice.After the performance of open mic, people are very excited, go home directly can not sleep, so I walked back to the street, chat about a joke, help each other to modify.”It should be possible to do all of this in a few blocks, right here in the Big Rich, like three blocks or less, which is what we’re happy about.”Before the Spring Festival, Li Dan completed his talk show “Report 2021” at the Grand Theater, telling a lot of stories about him and Shanghai.”I know a lot of my friends who couldn’t get tickets and will be doing it again after The New Year. We’ll figure out how to get it online in the future, so people can still see it.”He especially reminds, must not buy scalper ticket!”I like Shanghai very much. Shanghai is a very suitable city for the development of talk shows.”Nine years ago, Mr. Li moved to Shanghai to work as a writer for a talk show and then, in his words, “somehow became an actor and somehow started a company.””We can now do up to a dozen stand-up shows a week in Shanghai, and xintiandi has our own comedy space laughfruit Factory.”In Li Dan’s opinion, There are many good theaters in Shanghai, and Shanghai audiences also have a good habit of going to the theater to see performances.”I would like to thank Shanghai for its precise prevention and control of the epidemic in the past two years. The performing arts market has not been shut down.”With more and more people enjoying talk shows, Shanghai has gradually become the highland of domestic talk show talent. The openness and tolerance of the city to various art forms give the leaders of the talk show industry more reasons to grow here.”She is a very tolerant and understanding city, and the audience accepts us very quickly.”Li Dan said jokingly, “I went on a business trip to the north two days ago and came back from a night’s stay with rhinitis.As a person from Inner Mongolia, LIVING in Shanghai for a long time, I can’t get used to the dry air, hahaha…”The reason why I love Shanghai is a place where miracles will happen. “When there are new jokes, I will come here to perform. This is the place where I see the audience for the first time.In xiangyang North Road, Julu Road entrance goat opened the wheat, Li Dan walked on the stage, “Goat now nearly three years, here not only for Shanghai, for the talk show actors, should be a place with memories.”Li Dan remembers the first goat performance, the opening day of the goat, “I also come to the goat show often recently, no matter how many times, every time I come to the goat show, I am nervous and happy.”The place where actors hone their jokes has also seen many stories of dreams come true.Li Dan was deeply impressed that he Guangzhi watched their talk show in Shandong, bought a train ticket to Shanghai, lived in the suburbs, and then went straight to the goat.Talk for a few days, Li Dan heard that there is a new man is very good, and then to the goat to see him, on the spot decided to let the wide wisdom on the program.”I think Shanghai is a place where miracles can happen. Young people with dreams, hard work and talent are rarely underappreciated.”As a stand-up comedian, Lee is also constantly trying to find more stand-up talent. “We also welcome more part-time stand-up talent,” he says. “I always say, ‘Everybody can do stand-up for five minutes.'”Traffic police, doctors, anti-fraud police, firefighters…People who work and live seriously in this city have also appeared on talk shows since last year.”Their stories were so good, and the fact that they were doing the talk show itself made them feel at ease gave us more confidence and more purpose.”Smile is the most beautiful expression of human individual space warm humorous story is full of laughter and the magic is the most eloquent expression whether walking the streets in the city or city struggle stage in life there are always writing papers and a better life waved to you smile born li said, “the charm of Shanghai is a kind of couldn’t say for sure, anyway I want to live here permanently.”He has long hoped to turn the talk show into a cultural name card of Shanghai, and he is full of confidence. “I feel that I am on the way to realize my wish,” he said.I hope talk show can grow healthily in Shanghai and bring more happiness to the city!Easter egg time!!”Goat gossip” Hahaha Chief planner/chief executive producer: Shen Liang Chief Producer: Wang Wei Director: Wen Die Photography: Chen Long Zhou Junchao Xing Qianli editing: Mu Duo translation: Wang Zhaolong poster/editor: Chen Yunfeng Article/responsible editor: Wang Wei column editor: Zhao Hanlu Article author: Wenhui Text editor: Song Hui