“Lean on the sky and slay the Dragon fire heroic wind” old and new magic change, scold while watching but also escape really sweet

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Numerous works of jin yong’s novel of the film and television play, most of them at the show, only a few films, the main reason is that most of the 14 sets of jin yong’s works were novel, film space limit is difficult to convey a complete works, to be made into a film, it must be sweeping the magic to change the original story.Port in the “east evil west poison”, “tian long ba bu”, the handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember the teach leader “are the magic to change the plot, in the 93 version of the” magic “hierarch of handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember, Mr. Wong as writers themselves are good at comedy element to join, and to change the character of zhang mowgli, outstanding film subtitle,When Zhang Wuji became the head of the Ming Religion, there was a magic word in his proud and ambitious laugh, which left a deep impression on people.Remember when I was a child read the handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record “the original more than twenty times, was among the first to read jin yong’s novels, is back to the original plot natural place, new version of the flame of the handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember rookies don’t change, if it is according to original is nothing new, so the flame glory of handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember watching the movie, let me feel very surprise,Although there is a “magic teaching Lord” in front of the pearl jade, but also can not cover up the new edge and bright spot, the biggest bright spot, is the original plot of the “magic change”.In the plot of this version, Zhang Cuishan and Yin Susu did not kill themselves with both hands. In the birthday party of Zhang Sanfeng on Wudang Mountain, Zhang Cuishan was stabbed to death by the sword of Heaven, while Yin Susu and Zhang Wuji were affected by the cold poison of god’s palm. Zhang Sanfeng saved Zhang Wuji.Zhang Wuji took the Sutra back to the Ice and Fire Island, but Yin Susu died of poison on the way.I remember that Yin Su su’s death sentence is no longer the most classic “the more beautiful the woman will cheat”, but a more systematic “not all demons are wicked, decent and despicable”.With this line alone, the ambition of the new version of “Lean On Heaven and Slay The Dragon” is not just to be affectionate, but to offer a new narrative between right and wrong.After Yin Susu’s death, Zhang Wuji returned to Binghuo Island and learned jiuyang Shengong by Xie Xun. Sixteen years later, at the age of 31, Zhang Wuji returned to the Central Plains.In this plot, the wandering plot of Zhang Wuji in the original work is directly skipped, so the inferiority of the orphan in the original work is less in the adult Zhang Wuji’s personality. This change is reasonable and the plot is more compact. Meanwhile, the story focuses on the advantages of Jiuyang Shengong in the early stage for Zhang Wuji, which fits the theme of the film.The second magic to change the bright spot is the bottom “lean on the sky to kill the dragon record of the Flame of the wind”, I was not very understand why to use the “flame of the wind” this subtitle, after all, the Persian flame in the original work to this ink is not much.But after watching the movie, I found that the plot has also made a big change to the torch.On the one hand is to highlight the strong three torch to make, even if it is the jiuyang shengong and heaven and Earth move to add support can only play a match, the torch to make records of heaven and earth move to a higher level of martial essence.In the original work, When Zhang Wuji led the heroes of the Martial arts to rescue him, he was already dressed as a god and was born with no rival. According to the traditional routine of martial arts movies, there must be a powerful final BOSS at the end of the fight with the protagonist.So the script reimagined a final BOSS, Cheng Kun.In the movie plot handheld device maker e-ten slew a secret is no longer a break from each other and found hidden in the secrets of the sword, but become a secret book open the treasure case, can not only keep the sword full can also obtain the features, and compared with the sun plays with a big move, nine Yin true through clearly is not enough to see, only as a week zhi if, before the final decisive battle experience value to zhang mowgli.So what is the ultimate Version of Cheng Kun?Tianjian and dragon knife double hold plus Shaolin seventy-two master King Kong not bad body, this is very fan, the universe moved plus Jiuyang shen gong also not drop blood.At this time, the “flame hero” subtitle highlights, the critical moment purple sweater dragon king sent three fire, Zhang Wuji’s ultimate form of divine merit plus three holy order, the top match to no opponent, this end wonderful and changed very logical, even to the end of the movie, hit the cool feeling of the online game.Besides above wulin line change well, the movie line also made changes to the sentiment, this includes the original party hate week zhi if and Song Qingshu form of marriage, the flame of the handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember rookies, were instead to be a week zhi if using the Song Qingshu nine Yin bones claw, emotional education and had no mother zhang mowgli, didn’t like the original centre-left hold such sentimental, rightThese highlights are many in the film and will not be described here.The new version of “Relying on Heaven and Slaying The Dragon” has changed my initial concern about the restart of this work. It turns out that no matter what platform the film is on and what cast is used, even if the classic film and television works are in front of it, it can not escape the law of Zhenxiang as well as the magic film adapted to The Times.