Margarita chrysanthemum, known as the pot explosion weapon, do these 2 points, quickly into the ball, see the flowers do not see the leaves

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Have a balcony garden full of flowers, should be the common willingness of every flower friends, if you want to garden or balcony, full of flowers, must raise a few POTS of Margarita chrysanthemum, it can explode POTS of sharp tools, and very easy to raise, grow fast, and more flowers.Margarita chrysanthemum is also called chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum and Chrysanthemum francaise are known as girls’ flowers.Many people think of margaritas as herbaceous flowers, but margaritas are shrubs that can grow up to 1 meter tall and have woody branches.Flowering can last from February to October and is very long.Margarita is a relatively easy to keep flowering plant, friendly to beginners, raised for more than 2 years, margarita can grow into a large flower ball, when flowering, flowers do not see leaves.So how do you turn Margaret into a flower ball?Master these two skills, no problem out of the flower ball.Margaret chrysanthemum ball to develop skills Margaret to develop a big flower ball, blue demon suggest you directly buy seedlings, on the basis of large seedlings and then strengthen maintenance, the first year to develop a big flower ball, if raised from small seedlings, can also, but the first year of the flower ball will be small, after all, the growth time is limited.Whether it is big seedling or small seedling, want to develop flower ball, must do the following 2 points.1. The natural branching of Margaritaria is ok, but it is very difficult for the natural branching to become spherical without topping.For young margarita plants, they should be crowned for the first time when they are 5-6cm old.After topping, branches grow to 3-5cm long, should be topped again, sometimes grow buds, it does not matter, or the same to insist on topping.After repeated topping, margarita plants will become fuller.If it is winter, early spring when the purchase of large seedlings, hand can be first trimmed, promote branching.(If you bought it in the prime of spring, don’t trim it.)Pruning is to allow the plants to branch, if there is not enough time to branch, do not prune, look at the flowers first.Large seedlings after pruning, the long branch will be more, cut off the branches, can be cuttings oh, very good survival.If there is time to grow, the pruned branches can be topped again so that the flower ball will be larger.2, to strengthen the management of the top is to make margarita chrysanthemum into a ball must operate, in the top at the same time, but also pay attention to topdressing, there is no enough fat water, Margarita chrysanthemum is unable to grow enough branches.Margarita chrysanthemum is cold resistant. When the winter temperature is lower than 0 degrees, it should avoid being hit by frost. Margarita chrysanthemum, which has been bred outdoors, has better cold resistance and can withstand the low temperature of -5 degrees for a short time.In winter, in order to make Margaret grow faster, it is recommended to put more than 0 degrees of environmental conservation, maintain a weekly application of fermented bean cake fertilizer, or grow general fertilizer, promote the growth of branches and leaves.The use of water-soluble fertilizer can be accompanied by the use of slow-release fertilizer to continue to provide nutrients to Margaret seedlings.Margarita chrysanthemum is very easy to raise, friendly to beginners, autumn, winter and spring three seasons, Margarita chrysanthemum are in the growing period, should keep adequate water.When summer is hot, margarita chrysanthemum will enter the dormant stage and needs shade and water control.Margaret chrysanthemum in addition to some difficult summer, the other are not bad, especially the appearance of the explosion, even if not smooth summer, is also worth raising.Want to see Margaret summer method, please leave a message, the message of many people, the blue demon to write a special summer introduction.This article is originally shared by blue Demon Garden.In my public number: blue demon garden (Ilanyao), the collection of thousands of flower experience set articles, to help you walk less flower pit!