“Coronation of Charles” went viral after the Queen made an important announcement

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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II officially celebrated her 70th anniversary on the throne on February 6, local time, reported Huanqiu.com.What the world did not expect was that she would choose to announce an important decision the day before.Speaking on Friday, she said prince Charles would be crowned king when the right time came.She wants everyone to join her in supporting Charles and his wife Camilla.In this regard, British media said that the Queen’s speech mainly expressed her approval of the “daughter-in-law”, which is the clearest signal released so far.Some experts believe that this statement is equivalent to Mikara to become the queen to clear most of the obstacles.It is reported that the Queen of England will attend a reception on May 5.During that time, she publicly announced that Charles would be crowned king when the time was right, which went viral on social media.She also expressed her support for Camilla.Camilla is Charles’ second wife, but she was with him long before Princess Diana.Mikayla’s split with Charles was linked to his departure to serve in the army.Camilla became engaged to another officer while Charles was serving in the army, but she did not cut ties with him and they remained friends.Charles was godfather to their children as his wife watched camilla give birth to their son.In 1986, both of them had an affair while in marriage, and the British royal family also appeared to face off against their mistress.The scandal came to light when Diana warned Camilla directly after they met at a dinner party.After rekindling their romance, Charles and Camilla divorced, but faced obstacles to their relationship.Their relationship was initially frowned upon by the Queen and others, and camilla was still frowned upon when it came time to marry into the royal family.In 2005, Charles’ palace issued a statement saying camilla would not become queen, even if Charles were to take the throne.During this period, Camilla’s public image was very bad.The duchess of Cornwall has been campaigning hard to create a better image of the Royal family, and her low-key style has won many public recognition.Meanwhile, as the Queen gets older, she is increasingly dependent on Charles and his wife.Some people feel proud that the Queen has made new decisions with the passage of time.But others were unhappy, stressing that the royal family had already ruled camilla out of becoming queen.Whether Camilla will be crowned queen will not be known until the day Charles is crowned.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu