Four words for $120,000, and the fight against bad habits should be heavy

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▷ Jiang Debin, a man who carved four characters on Fanjing Mountain in Tongren, Guizhou, was awarded 120,000 yuan in compensation in the first trial on March 25.The man was visiting Fanjing Mountain, a world Natural Heritage site and national nature reserve, on July 11, 2021, when he used a trekking stick to write four Chinese characters “Li Shui Chen Guo” on the stone wall of The Jinding Cliff of Fanjing Mountain, a provincial cultural relic protection unit in Guizhou province.The uncivilized behavior has sparked criticism from other tourists.The live video spread on the Internet, causing widespread concern in society.(CCTV news, March 27) The tourist was fined 120,000 yuan at the first trial for carving four Chinese characters on a stone wall, or 30,000 yuan for one character, which is a typical heavy penalty.If he had known the price to be paid, he probably would not have done such a stupid thing.The result of this sentence is very happy, the public think that the tourists are to blame, for this kind of uncivilized behavior of destroying cultural relics, should be imposed a heavy penalty, so that the lawbreakers feel pain, can really learn a lesson, but also can play a warning role, warn everyone to abide by the rules, develop the good habit of civilized tourism.Fanjing Mountain is a world Natural Heritage site and a national nature reserve. The inscription “Jinding Cliff of Fanjing Mountain” by the tourist is a provincial-level cultural relic protection unit.It is conceivable that writing on the incomparably precious cliff wall will inevitably cause serious damage to cultural relics and landscape, which is difficult to repair and has a bad social impact.Identified by professional institutions, this caused “partial damage” to cultural relics, and caused “irreversible damage” to the landscape aesthetic function and cultural relics of Fanjing Mountain, so the compensation of more than 120,000 yuan includes cultural relics repair costs, repair program design costs, punitive compensation for environmental damage and other items.It is an ugly and uncivilized behavior to write and daub the words “I was here” in the tourist scenic spot. It satisfies the parties’ desire to show off, but destroys the ecological environment and beauty of the scenic spot and affects the normal visit of other tourists.According to article 63 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Penalties for Public Security Administration, those who paint, deface or intentionally damage the cultural relics and scenic spots under state protection by other means will be punished by warning, fine or detention according to the seriousness of specific circumstances.At the same time, the tourism department will be in accordance with the relevant provisions, the tourism “blacklist”, the implementation of joint credit punishment.In recent years, many places in China have taken punitive measures against the uncivilized behavior of destroying tourist landscape and cultural relics.For example, the rock pillars of Sanqing Mountain in Jiangxi province were nailed into 26 rock spikes by climbers, causing irreversible damage and irreparable damage. The court fined the three offenders 6 million yuan and sentenced them to imprisonment.In Beijing and Hebei, tourists involved in graffiti and lettering on the Great Wall were fined and detained.After these cases were exposed, they aroused strong repercussions in the society and played a great role in education.With the rapid development of China’s tourism industry, a large number of tourists travel every year. The vast majority of tourists can abide by laws and regulations of scenic spots and practice civilized tourism.However, there are still a small number of tourists ignore the laws and regulations, and act arbitrarily when traveling, spitting, littering, climbing and trampling, engraving graffiti and other uncivilized behaviors, which hinder the view and cause varying degrees of damage to the scenic spot.Judging from the development experience of various countries, such uncivilized behavior should be punished in accordance with the law to achieve the effect of deterrence.At the same time, the majority of tourists should also realize that civilized tourism is the bottom line, take good care of the landscape, abide by the laws and regulations, obey the management, is the most basic self-cultivation of tourists.