Hohhot: The car wash suddenly closed the members of the money card how to do?

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Mr. Shan of Hohhot city dealt with a car wash card of 1000 yuan in a car wash shop. He wanted to wash his car after going to work for two days, but he did not expect that the car wash shop was empty.In 2019, Mr. Shan opened a membership card at a car wash on Jinqiao Road and Shiji West Road, Saihan District, Hohhot city. He had some money left in the card, so he wanted to wash his car before the year, but he was surprised when he arrived at the car wash.Customer: I came to this green Card car wash in 2019, and I applied for a recharge card of 1000 yuan, with 38 yuan for each wash. At that time, I sent the car for 8 times with 1000 yuan, and washed it for about 5 times. When I came to wash the car again in the middle of January (2022), I found that the shop had been closed.Now called beautiful car empire of a car is a green card before wash, single, says Mr When handling card in 2019, a car without credentials to Mr Single card, but can be in a car on public record query their own consumption, but now, the public is not their own information, Mr Single count themselves out,After washing 5 times before, there should still be 810 yuan in the recharge card. Now the car wash shop is closed without saying in advance. I feel cheated.Mr. Shan Green Card Car Wash customer: Then he posted the notice, let go to the shop wash that rich garden, but that shop is also closed, they posted the phone is also unable to call, no one answered the state.The balance can be checked before the public number, and the balance can not be checked until the later period, even the information of your member card number did not exist.Mr. Single told reporters, because green card car wash is cheaper than other shops, wash also clean, he also have many friends in this card.Mr. Wang green Card car wash customer: I was charged 1000 yuan to send 200 yuan, that would say which green card can be used, there are units at the door that is also convenient, think green card is a chain, security, did not think green card is not.Can be seen in the shop’s announcement, the housing problem because it is over, a car are going out of business, but there is no time to notice that can just say to other richly courtyard flagship store offers car wash service, then the reporter called the contact information on the notification, but the phone went unanswered The reporter understands, this store is in petrochina’s gas station,So what does CNPC have to do with this car wash?China petroleum Hohhot jinqiao store staff: which is rent out, is not our business, rent lease, in October 2021 to may, withdrew, that’s not it with a piece of paper, we tell every customers come, say that you add (they call), it doesn’t matter with us, has nothing to do with China’s oil.The staff of the gas station only knew that after the rent was due, there had been no business here, and the specific situation was not clear. Then they gave the reporter the contact information of the person in charge of the car wash.Liu Zhongliang Green card auto management co., LTD., general manager of Inner Mongolia, petrochina has called in our stores, because we also quite suddenly and had not received any notification, about a month’s time, let’s take the shutters, we didn’t do (prepare) before, so we do in the three years of contract, thought can continue as a whole.The person in charge said, at present green Card Car Wash Jinqiao shop and Green Card car wash Datai shop two car wash shops have been closed, that has not finished spending customers how to do.Liu Zhongliang, General Manager of Inner Mongolia Green Card Automobile Management Co., LTD.Because we did appear years ago, some stores priority service outlets of the membership, we now also said the shop ready to refine, will leave a four or five home, because it is its franchisees, impossible to throw all of these members, so also is the 15th day after the stores to determine ok, will call the customer one by one.According to the time promised by the person in charge of the green card, the customers who have no place to wash their cars will be given a reply on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Subsequently, the reporter also reported the situation to the relevant departments.Ma Xiangyang, Director of Hohhot Saihan District Market Supervision Administration Jinqiao Institute:We also received a green card carwash complaints, we will contact them next headquarters, find (head), urged again, more specific look at jinqiao this shop is what circumstance, if this shop doesn’t open, people can’t find words, consumers can come here, we can help check about electronic information (enterprise), to help consumers rights.Source: Urban Total contact