On April 10, 19 sections of zibo resumed operation

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Qilu evening news · JiLuYi journalists Hu Yunpeng on April 8th, qilu evening news · JiLuYi points in zibo city public transport co., LTD., epidemic prevention and control command for orderly restoration based on city bus lines running notification requirements, combined with epidemic control and traffic conditions in each district and county, zibo city public transport co., LTD., plans to batch after interval bus lines, concrete after situation is as follows:It is planned to resume operation of 19 interval lines on April 10:1 direct line, 1 small station north line, 1 small station south line, 3, 12, 31, 32, 55, 82, 86, 87, 103, 110, 119, 151 railway station, 151 Yiwu, 171, 161, 181.Affected by the epidemic control, the terminal of Road 103 was adjusted from “Liaozhai Cheng” to “Pujiazhuang”.Route 3, route 119 wangshe Road adjusted to Haidai Avenue operation.The resumption time of other routes will be determined according to the situation of epidemic control.Passengers are also reminded to follow the epidemic prevention and control standards.