Perfect recovery!He’s averaging 29 points and 12 rebounds since coming back from injury!The team is down but still hopeful

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Davis’s return to power, the lakers came thought halfway the lakers’ big three can be adjust, but James is out with a knee swelling, the worst is James back no specific time now, this season the lakers’ big three appearances together time is not much, three people from the start but could not find a good get along with mode,And now is the most intense schedule unexpectedly injury.Davis is averaging 29.5 points, 12.3 rebounds and 2.5 blocks on 55.6 percent shooting in his last four games. The lakers are 1-3 in those games, but that’s one of the better things for the lakers.After all, the lakers need Davis to play like this.In the absence of Lebron James, the Lakers needed players to step up and assume leadership responsibilities, and Davis finally realized his current shortcomings during his injury. He reached out to Dudley for advice on how to lose weight during his injury. Dudley had lost 20 pounds without playing while playing for the Lakers.Lakers reporters also confirmed Anthony Davis’s condition on a podcast: “From what I’ve been told, Anthony Davis has lost some weight.He spent a lot of time in the gym, trying to lose some of the weight he gained in the off-season last year.”Davis looks faster and more agile on the floor after the weight loss, looks like the old AD is back, Davis is still not suitable for a heavy tank.Since Davis entered the league, his technical characteristics are also very distinct. His lower body strength is not the top in the league, even though he has played for 10 seasons, Davis still does not have the top low post strength in the league. He relies more on his feet and his soft shooting touch to punish opponents in the low post.Unlike embiid and Towns in the low post, He is more like an enhanced version of Capela. He is better at picking and picking down the ball to finish, and occasionally using the middle range to score. His main role is defense, and his ability to assist and defend small are in the first tier.The lakers have been able to build their defensive system with a defensive resource like Timberlake, and look at how poorly the lakers have been protecting the perimeter in timberlake’s absence.”I think the biggest part of it was getting rid of the pain,” Davis said of his six-week recovery.After the two-on-two warm-up game in Miami, I felt very comfortable.But the recovery went really well and I was able to fully recuperate and move on.”Davis during rehabilitation not only let her knee recovered, his whole body state has been adjusted, and Davis to revise his shooting, Davis even unable to play, he is also trying to win for the team finds change, so the state of the three heavy eyebrows is not accidental, this is the result of his hard training.As long as Bryant gets his shooting touch back to where it used to be, the Lakers’ big three is definitely going to be a lot smoother than they are now, and westbrook and Davis will be different without James.Davis shot just 32 percent on 60 of 185 attempts from outside the paint this season, and he’s shooting 18 percent from 3-point range. The Lakers have a big three, but when two of them are below average, this team can’t run an efficient offense anyway.People always see only less terrible result on the three-point line, but the season Davis shot low efficiency is also one of the reasons for the lakers’ big three is difficult to produce chemical reaction, wanted to rely on the open space, Davis that Davis was empty and less treatment, such Spaces no help to the team, both are inefficient sharp-shooter.But the lakers’ offense will be a huge improvement if He gets his shooting back to the lakers’ level, and he’s starting to find his feet.While Davis hasn’t been a great jumper this season, he’s also been a great player in the center role, playing at center 70 percent of the time so far this season.Davis, meanwhile, is taking more shots from the basket than at any time since the second season of his career, and he’s shooting 74 percent from the floor, better than 80 percent of players in the league.Think of a good shooting touch plus the basket heavy eyebrows that shoots a high percentage, that he would be the pillar of this lakers team, James and less can only hold on to the lower limit of the lakers, Davis is the real decision that the upper limit of the lakers’ star players, now the lakers’ record has fallen, 9 west teams in a precarious state,Davis needed a performance like this to stabilize the situation.This season the lakers really has come to the edge of the cliff, 12-13 season the F4 star team in the first 51 games played 24-27, 10 years after the lakers again gathered up the big three had the same record, then the team encountered situation and now the same, when Bryant in order to complete the commitment to use his Achilles tendon in return for the playoffs,Are the lakers going to trade Lebron for all of that now?To be honest if James miss more, the lakers are likely to even make the playoffs are very difficult, James Davis and have produced his best performance, wei also less in your move, the lakers’ big three are short of one cannot, as long as three people can play a normal, that this team is promising, also hope that the team is no longer have injury,At the very least, get the squad ready for the rest of the game.