Practice, practice, practice for war!The PLA 75th Group Army is in full swing during its Spring Festival training

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“How do you go back to training after a holiday?””How do you boost morale when you have a lot of work to do?””How do I get into work mode after visiting relatives?”Walking into the training ground of a synthetic brigade of the PLA 75th Group Army, we found the answer in the hot atmosphere of soldiers training.Practice stabbing exercise pull-up 5K long run training for war can not wait, not slow.Stabbing exercises, pull-ups, five-kilometer long distance running and other training projects carried out one by one, the officers and men of the training enthusiasm as fire.Behind the high morale is a vivid manifestation of the transformation and upgrading of military training.The officers and men have always been strict with themselves according to actual combat standards, carrying forward the fighting spirit of “quick, accurate, ruthless and fierce”, following the requirements of “how to fight the troops, how to practice what is needed in the battle”, and implementing the “consistency of combat training” in the whole process of military training.Grenade throwing low posture creeping radio operation battlefield ambulance training results are not good, practice tests out the true move.The brigade has its own way of improving the effectiveness of training for officers and soldiers.Adhere to the principle of “according to the classes after shaking, scientific organization”, according to the above rates, with the old “new”, the method of flexible use of promoting the training “to the test, test training combined with” the training of thinking, based on the reality of their own to carry out skills training, to practice practising skills, physical fitness, “thought” organically, outstanding achievements, and greatly improve training results.Explain live-fire demonstration climbing iron net water rescue training the brigade, the predecessor is a hero with a brilliant record and glorious traditional force, “clash in combat heroes” emerge “ZheYinShan heroes” 24 YingMo units, such as the “clash in combat hero” Zhang Haizhong, rolling thunder hero “AnZhongWen, a large number of” combat hero “Yin Huaizhong YingMo individuals.Batch after batch of officers and soldiers put the heroic spirit into the blood, implanted into the bone marrow, constantly carry forward the “one not afraid of hardship, two not afraid of death” fighting spirit, completed one after another urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy tasks.